Circa 1980 Detective vs Charming Devil

On the left we have Detective Harry Taylor (Waking the Dead episode “Straw Dogs”), a detective trying to catch a serial killer.  On the right, Lucifer Morningstar in the precinct, trying to track down Malcolm. 

LOL the 1980′s hair cracks me up!  XD

for @lux-i-fer who likes seeing Tom Ellis in various roles….  :D

1980's Hair-Help Meeee!!!!!

My girl needs 1980’s hair for tomorrow and I know NOTHING about volumizing hair. What products do I need? How do I ‘tease’ hair? I’ll be looking up YouTube but if you know of any quick tips or tricks or seriously strong holding hair products shoot them my way. Huge thanks!

I’ll probably go for the side ponytail. I just need to make it bigger.

Also fwiw, my girl has hair that is fine, but quite stubbornly straight. She knows how to curl it on her own (some overnight thing involving a headband) so that could add some texture and volume too…

this is the longest my hair has been since I was 13 and its big and wavy and is a lot like my mom’s. I had much thicker straighter hair in middle school and its like hormones did their thing and changed my hair while I didn’t notice. I actually wonder how long my hair has been fluffy for? 

The majority of black women these days don’t even straighten their hair! Especially if you have my hair type, you’re definitely not going to want to straighten it. Most young black women either wear their hair natural or in a protective style. But they don’t straighten their hair as Marc Jacobs claims. This ain’t the 1980′s. Straightening your hair is hardly used as a “beauty regimen” these days.