1980 look's


I am currently developing another pipeline process video where I animate a character, and composite it to make it emulate traditional animation cels. While that’s happening, I recently announced a little challenge on twitter where people should attempt their own fake cel challenge. Here were the rules I posted and the information I posted about it.

Posting it here on tumblr for the tumblr community. You guys should try it!


I love looking at pictures of old D&D clubs. 

Top: Order of Excalibur Club, 1980, at Mira Loma High School.

Middle: Club, location unknown, c.1981. My favorite person in the picture is the teacher/club sponsor, who looks like she’s really enjoying herself and loves those kids.

Bottom: Decatur, Illinois MacArthur High School Dungeons & Dragons club, 1980. Coolest person in the picture is easily the guy in the middle with aviator sunglasses and a Van Halen t-shirt. I’m also curious what the story is with the cheerleader-type in the middle, who seems out of place.