Jean-Paul Sartre. French philosopher, author, playwright and existentialist. Sartre was rewarded with the Nobel Prize in 1964 and is to this date the only author to have refused it. He is although said to have regret his decision.

Some help?


Okay I need some help with something but I really don’t know if anyone here will be able to help. Maybe someones dad or grandpa could know.

I searched for it on google but I couldn’t find anything usable.

A friend of our family found old electronics, all made in germany, around 30 years ago. A projector and a record player. We also think there might be a camera. So, I’ll try to give all the information we have and maybe some of you could send me an ask if they have some information about the value they have.

Revue Super 8

Bauer T1S Super

Thorens TD 280

Thank you!