198 steps

How to write your book step 198

Sometimes the writing comes like lightning and it strikes you and you have to write while it’s hot. Here’s a thing I like to do… it’s sort of like planning as you go. It happens when I am thinking too fast. When my ideas need to be recorded before I forget them. In this rush of inspirational magic, I can’t write well..
I have to write fast instead. So I will change the tense and the perspective of the novel to get the concept down. Then I can come back later and rewrite it into same style as the rest of the book. 

For example I might be writing a scene where She comes home to find that her brother has let himself into her house,but I will have the conversation in my head ready to come out for a few paragraphs time, so I simply write
 "she finds brother in house - she gets a surprise because she thinks that he is a burglar"  then I will go on to write the conversation.  There’s always time later to come back and fill in that void.