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May I please ask if you have ever seen the "Super DC Calendar" of 1976? (which gives Birth Dates to many characters and exact dates to events like Superman's debut): May I ask if you have any thoughts on the advantages of giving Fixed Dates Vs vague dates? (I enjoy little details like Mr Mxyzptlk celebrating his birthday on April 1st and Oliver Queen being a Sagittarius but am happy to leave other dates more vague).

I’d maybe heard of it before, but I hadn’t known so much came from there! I’m fine with setting dates so long as years aren’t attached. And apparently I share a birthday with Captain Marvel Jr.

Today in History

In 1940, surgeon Charles McNider is blinded in an explosion caused by a mobster. He will soon find his vision has actually been inverted, and he can see in complete darkness. In a few months, outfitting himself with a special visor and “blackout bombs,” he becomes the crimefighter Doctor Mid-Nite!

(art by Matt Wagner)

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Do you know when Hartley Rathaway's birthday is? And Heatwaves, Captain Colds, Weather Wizards, Golden Gliders and Roy Bivolos. Sorry if this is a stupid question x

No, not stupid at all!  The birthdays come courtesy of the 1976 DC calendar, so Rogues who debuted after that like Golden Glider and Rainbow Raider unfortunately don’t have ‘official’ birthdays.  But everyone else from before 1976 has a listed birthday.

I’ll post the entire list of Flash villains for the sake of completeness.

13: Grodd
22: Roscoe Dillon (The Top)

18: Eobard Thawne (Professor Zoom)

13: Mick Rory (Heat Wave)
23: James Jesse (Trickster I)

19: Sam Scudder (Mirror Master I)

19: George “Digger” Harkness (Captain Boomerang)

4: Mark Mardon (Weather Wizard)
22: Hartley Rathaway (Pied Piper)

20: Al Desmond (Mr. Element and Dr. Alchemy)

22: Abra Kadabra

11: Len Snart (Captain Cold)

(I still think Mick’s birthday should be in August…)