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For Those who want to see the 1972 movie/tv special:

The Lorax(original TV special)
Cat in the Hat Productions
February 14, 1972

This is my childhood, the book and this on VHS(my dad had this recorded along with Star Bellied Sneeches). I used to be really scared of the Once-ler, but he was still my favorite character as a child.

His voice is hot.

I have a thing for 1972 Once-ler.

I do what I want.

The Past and the Future

I’m not 100% satisfied with it but the idea wouldnt stop eating my brain, and since I couldn’t write it down RIGHT when it hit, I lost some of the things I wanted to put in, which is why its a tad short VmV;

There are probably errors |D feel free to point them out to me, because I’m pondering coming back to this and fixing it up (if I can remember everything I wanted to add)



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