1972 world chess championship


[EPISODE] 71. For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Kana: 友情のため! 亜美とベルチェ激突
Romaji: Yuujou no Tame! Ami to Beruche Gekitotsu

Original Air Date: October 16, 1993

Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Shigeru Yanagawa
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando

Plot: Berthier learns Sailor Mercury’s secret identity while targeting a Crystal Point.


  • The plot was loosely adapted from Act 16 of the manga.
  • The character designs slightly changed after the commercial break.
  • This was the second Ami-centric episode that featured the debut of a new opening animation sequence. The first was episode 27. Masahiro Ando served as the animation director for both of these episodes.
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure had a different background in this episode.
  • A move during Ami and Berthier’s chess game was inspired by a play used in the World Chess Championship 1972 match.


  • There was a new animation sequence for the opening credits.


  • Dark Water was finally named on screen, but this episode contained its last appearance.
  • Dark Water Full Power was only seen here.
  • Although there was others, Chess Tower was the last Crystal Point shown in the series.


  • DiC’s English dub (titled “Checkmate”):

    The body lines on Berthier/Birdy were erased during her purification scene.


  • The Tsukino Residence
  • UFO
  • Chess Tower