Dawn is breaking everywhere 



so basically I am a support worker for adults with learning disabilities by day and a artist by night at the moment haha


Happy birthday to Hilaire Belloc, born on this day in 1870! Born in France, this writer and and orator moved to England as a young boy. He is particularly well known for his poetry, including his satiric collection, Cautionary Tales for Children. In life, Belloc was a skilled debater; one opponent, H.G. Wells, remarked, “Debating Mr. Belloc is like arguing with a hailstorm.” Over the course of his life, Belloc authored over 100 books on vast range of topics. 

(images from Eleanor and Reginald Jebb’s Belloc, The Man (1957) and Belloc: A Biographical Anthology, edited by Herbert Van Thal (1970))