1970s design


What a difference 40 years makes top pic Renault Espace first generation, 1984 bottom pic Renault Espace V, 2014. The Espace’s design was originally conceived in the 1970s by the British designer Fergus Pollock, who was working for Chrysler UK. Later, Matra, which was affiliated with Simca, the then French subsidiary of Chrysler, was involved in partnership in the design, spearheaded by Greek designer Antonis Volanis. The Espace was originally intended to be sold as a Talbot, and to be a replacement for the Matra Rancho leisure activity vehicle. Early prototypes used Simca parts. In 1978, six years before the Espace went into production, Chrysler UK and Simca were sold to PSA Peugeot Citroën, who rebranded Chrysler’s European operations Talbot but phased them out within a decade because of falling sales. Peugeot decided the Espace was too expensive and too risky a design to put into production, so it was given to Matra, which took the idea to Renault instead. Matra built the first three generations of Espaces before Renault took over their production in 2004


Thrift Store Find

All we can say is “wow” when listening to the warm rich sound coming from the quad speakers of this ultra-stylish 1973 Panasonic Stereo Multiplex Model RE-7300 with solid walnut top. It’s even got phono inputs in the back that you can use with your iPod! No modifications needed here.

Not bad for $34!