1970s chopper

It is the same brown as your Dad’s first van and as heavy Led Zepplin’s Physical Graffiti. It is thick in all the right places and requires some attitude to pull off.

This hat is a born rager. A little bit country, a lotta rock n roll.

The sweatband shows a little bit of wear but has a thousand concerts in its future.

The hat band is thick ass leather. Would hold a feather or an entire turkey.

It goes well with Nikki Lane live, spliffs, tinted aviator shades, tight shirts and even tighter pants, psychedelic inspired skinny dips while listening to the Allman Bros on a hot August night.

It was made by Churchill and has a raw edge but at this point… who cares? It might as well have been cut by Stevie Nicks and sewn by a coven of witches.

Get a 1970’s Shovelhead chopper, buy this hat, and take over the world.


A couple iPhone previews of the instant film shoot I did this morning with my buddy Foster’s ‘72 shovel and our lovely model, Kendall! I’ll scan the photos when I can. Reblog the hell out of these!