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Paul Laffoley. The Kali-Yuga: The End of the Universe at 424826 A.D. (detail), The House of the Self, True Liberation, The Visionary Point, The World Self, The Kali-Yuga: The End of the Universe at 424826 A.D. (The Cosmos Falls into the Chaos as the Shakti Ouroboros Leads to the Elimination of all Value Systems by Spectrum Analysis). 1965,1970,1963,1971. 

Review of the September 9, 1970 Boston gig.  Brutal!  No wonder the boys hated the press (although they did kind of screw over the promoter and the school).  Anyway, the show is fantastic.  Everyone is on fire, and Robert’s voice is unreal.  Even if he does completely mess up the lyrics to That’s The Way lol.  Here’s a link - fast forward about 5 minutes to get to the music.

A brief glance at the cartoon version of America makes you think the South is pretty racist. Look at them, with their Confederate flags and voter ID laws! But while you were sleeping, the blue states were up to some pretty racist shit too. It’s just that they’ve got better PR.

For example, one of the biggest and most violent anti-segregation fights in US history didn’t take place in 1950s Mississippi or Alabama, but 1970s Boston. The 70s! In Massachusetts! The land of Kennedys, Afflecks and liberal arts colleges was faced with the desegregation of schools and was like, “yo George Wallace, hold my beer!”

THIS WEEK: To discuss some of the secretly f#&*ed up modern history of the United States, Jack O'Brien and Michael Swaim are joined by the guys from ’The Dollop’: Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. They discuss the Boston busing riots of the 70s, the comically-liberal blue state with secret ties to the KKK and why we’re about to live through the Enron crisis all over again.

The Shockingly Recent Race Riot You’ve Never Heard Of

Throw Back Thursday to when the Boston Mayor’s office thought The Bald Headed Men of America Convention would be “tremendous” publicity for the City of Boston.

We’re not sure what Mayor White thought about this idea, but we don’t have records that indicate that the convention actually came to Boston.

Mayor’s Office Departmental Communication  from Paula Lyons to Dana, 1975 January 14, Box 19, Folder 42, Mayor Kevin White records, Collection 0245.001, Boston City Archives


On this day in music history: January 13, 1973 - “Aerosmith”, the debut album by Aerosmith is released. Produced by Adrian Barber, it is recorded at Intermedia Studios in Boston, MA from Mid - Late 1972. Originally formed in 1970, the Boston based band is signed to Columbia shortly after label chief Clive Davis sees them perform at Max’s Kansas City in New York. Though it garners mostly positive reviews, initially it is a slow seller upon release. It is not until the track “Dream On” is re-released as a single in 1976 (#6 Pop) that it finally takes off, putting the band on the fast track to success. The tracks “Mama Kin” and a cover of Rufus Thomas’ “Walking The Dog” also receives significant airplay. In 1993 when album is first remastered on CD, it  restores the original album cover artwork from its initial 1973 release, having been replaced with an alternate cover on the 1976 reissue. It is remastered again and reissued on vinyl for the first time in over twenty years. Sony Music initially reissues it as a 180g LP pressing for Record Store Day in April of 2013, limited to 5000 numbered copies. The title is subsequently re-pressed in a non-numbered edition and currently remains in print. “Aerosmith” peaks at number twenty one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.