“You know which title I like best? I like to be called mother.” Jayne Mansfield

Happy Mother’s Day! Jayne was a loving caring mother that had 5 children and loved all of them with all her heart:
Jayne Marie, (was born in 1950), Miklós Jr (1958), Zoltan (1960), Mariska Hargitay (1964) and Tony (1965). Mariska is her most famous child and is a very well known actress.

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Rules: once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you!

What was your-

1.) Last Drink: Water

2.) Last Phone Call: I just called my mother

Last Text Message: to my best friend

4.) Last Song You Listened To: Air- Shawn Mendes ft.Astrid

5.) Last Time You Cried: fifteen minutes ago

Have you ever:-

6.) Dated Someone Twice: yep

7.) Been Cheated On: nope

8.) Kissed Someone And Regretted It: heel yes

9.) Lost Someone Special: yes

10.) Been Depressed: hell yes

11.) Been Drunk And Thrown Up: nope

12.) List 3 favourite colours: black,white and gray

In the last year have you-

13.) Made A New Friend: yep

14.) Fallen Out Of Love: nope

15.) Laughed Until You Cried: yes

16.) Met Someone Who Changed You: maybe

17.) Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: not yet

Found Out Someone Was Talking About You: yep

19.) Kissed Anyone On Your FB List: yep


20.) How Many People On Your FB Friends Do You Know IRL: idk maybe 110-115

21.) Do You Have Any Pets: yes

22.) Do You Want To Change Your Name: nope I’m fine with mine

23.) What Did You Do For Your Last B-day Party: I tried to do a party but people fucked it up

24.) What Time Did You Wake Up Today: 6:30 am

What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night: sleeping

26.) Name Something You CANNOT Wait For: Fall Out Boy concerts on my country

Last Time You Saw Your Mother: yesterday

28.) What Is One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life: I wish I don’t have a life

29.) What Are You Listening To Rn: my brother screaming

30.) Have You Ever Talked To A Person Named Tom: nope

31.) What’s Getting On Your Nerves Rn: my brother screaming

32.) Blood Type: idk

34.) Nickname(s): Mare,Mari,Mariola

35.) Relationship Status: single

36.) Zodiac Sign: Pisces

37.) Pronouns: i really don’t remember what pronouns means sorry

38.) Favourite TV Show: Friends

39.) High School: nope

40.) College: nope

41.) Hair Colour: I could say golden

42.) Long Or Short: long

43.) Height: 1.69 cm

44.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: hell yes

45.) What Do You Like About Yourself: physically: Eyes and collar bones Mentally: I’m smart

46.) Tattoos: not yet

47.) Righty Or Lefty: righty

48.) First Surgery: none

49.) First Piercing: nope

50.) First Best Friend: a girl called Lara

51.) First Sport You Joined: soccer

First Vaca: I don’t even know what’s this

53.) First Pair Of Trainers(sneakers): what kind of question is this?


54.) Eating: nothing

55.) Drinking: water

56.) I’m About To: take a shower

57.) Listening To: my brother crying

58.) Waiting For: my brother to shut up

59.) Want Kids: nope

60.) Get Married: hell no

61.) Career: photographer

Which Is Better

62.) Lips Or Eyes: eyes

63.) Hugs Or Kisses: hugs

64.) Shorter Or Taller: taller

65.) Older Or Younger: older

Romantic Or Spontaneous: romantic

67.) Nose, Stomach Or Nice Arms: stomach

68.) Sensitive Or Loud: loud

69.) Hookup Or Relationship: hookup

70.) Troublemaker Or Hesitant: troublemaker

Have you ever-

Kissed A Stranger: yep

72.) Drank Hard Liquor: yep

73.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: yep (still don’t know where my glasses are)

74.) Sex On First Date: nope

75.) Broke Someone’s Heart: sure

76.) Been Arrested: nope

77.) Turn Someone Down: idk

78.) Cried When Someone Died: hell yes

79.) Fallen For A Friend: nope

Do you believe-

80.) In
 Yourself: of course not

Miracles: nope

82.) Love At First Sight: nope

83.) Heaven: nope

84.) Santa Claus: hell yeah

85.) Kiss At First Date: yes

86.) Angels: idk

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duh ❤

send me ❤ and i will bold all that applies to your muse

I would kill for you. • I would make love to you. • I would fuck you. • I would protect you. • I would hurt you for a selfish cause. • I wish we had more in common. • I want nothing to do with you. • I want to see you cry. • I want a future with you. • I want to destroy your future. • I do not care what you do. • I am indifferent towards you. • I want children with you. • I love you ( platonically ) • I love you ( romantically ) • I love you like family.You are my family. • I could fall in love with you. • I would lie for you. I would fight by your side.I will never let you go.I would hold you while you cried. I would hug you. • I want to kiss you. • I would stay by your bedside if you were ill. • I want to fall asleep with you in my arms. • I want to forget you. • I will never forget you. • I only want to make you proud. • I wish I could make you happy. • You deserve nothing. • I will never forgive you. • You confuse me.

Journey of Motherhood

Journey of Motherhood #poetry#mothersday

I stand before you, a woman,

A mother.

Your mother.

I carried you within my innermost being,

For so long.

I waited,

I was patient,

I was impatient.

I knew you before you knew you.

I still know you.

I am the part of you that will never go.

I will give you everything.

My heart,

My soul,

The wisdom of a lifetime.

And you will reject it.

For you are a child,

My child.


And stubborn.

I will…

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*gives Cyan a strawberry shortcake with strawberry-flavored icing* happy birthday!!


 She had practically forgotten!! So caught

 up with joining Plasmagica and her recent

 adventures with them, she had failed to realize

 it was even her birthdayuntil she found 

 herself presented with a delicious-looking 

 treat from some unknown fan!! Delight smacked

 itself upon her face as she eyed it excitedly,

 with the length of her black tail swaying behind

 her to emphasize her joy.

 Clearly, she liked the gift.

     ❛ NYAAA~! Wow, it looks so good!! 

         Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

          I love it, nya!! 

Introducing M.O: New Single "Preach"

Introducing M.O: New Single “Preach”

Meet M.O the British girl group, releasing their third single “Preach“, the ladies (Frankee, Nadine & Annie) are receiving uber feedback online, on the radio and music channels.

The trio have been likened to R&B greats such as TLC, SWV, En Vogue – we all loved the nineties era in music hopefully M.O can revoke that of which has faded during recent years.

M.O teamed up with Lady Leshurrfor…

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Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers!!!! Everyone Has A Mother, Everyone Is Someone's Child.

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers!!!! Everyone Has A Mother, Everyone Is Someone’s Child.

Everyone Has A Mother, Everyone Is Someone’s Child.
Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers!!!

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers!!!

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Diaries of The Breadman's Daughter: A Mother's Prayer for Peace.

Dear God,

It’s the middle of the night,

And I cannot sleep.

The rain is pounding on the roof

And the wind is howling outside my window.

But I am safe and warm,

Comforted by my feather duvet.

My faithful dog curled up at my feet

And my husband breathing softly next to me

Our children safe in their beds

Surrendered to dreams,

Sweet sweet dreams.

Yet my heart is not at peace,

It is broken with…

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Moms Shape Lives

A mother’s heart is a patchwork of love. ~Author Unknown

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere.

Giving birth to children is not a requirement for motherhood. So, today we also need to include and celebrate those women who have taken responsibility to nuture the younger generation through unconventional mother/child relationships, such as through mentoring, foster parenting, guardianships,…

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That SPECIAL Mother and Child Relationship...Beyond Words

This new video shows that special bond that children have with there mothers. The fascinating thing about this video…is how much the child not only knows their mother’s touch but also their smell…all while being blindfolded.

It is truly a very beautiful testament of the love and relationship that children share with their mother. It…

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