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It started off just like any other day. Jake sat at his desk doing paperwork when a voice is heard over the police scanner, “We have a possible hit and run on Pole Run rd. the driver of the vehicle has sustained multiple injuries and is currently unconscious,11-41.” To Jake this was just a normal call, nothing special about it, then they said something that made his blood run cold “The vehicle is a black 1970 Boss 302.” Jake stood from his seat. ‘A black 302? That’s what (Y/N) drives’ he thought. Jake ran to the the scanner just as another officer was just about to answer the call. “Do you have an identification on the driver?!” He demanded. The other officers around him looked at him curiously. The officer on the scanner paused for a brief second at Jakes odd behavior before saying “ She looks to be a woman in her early 20s, but we haven’t found an id yet.” At the mention of her age he began to panic, that’s when Lex walked in to see what all the commotion was about.“Jake! What’s going on?” Jake looked up, distress apparent on his face. “ It’s a hit and run, the car is the same model as (Y/N)’s and they say that she’s in her 20’s…and she’s unconscious.” he breathed out the last sentence. Lex looked at his friend for a moment, he had never seen him so upset. “Jake. You need to calm down alright? You don’t know if that’s (Y/N).” Lex tried to soothe him but he was having none of it. The panic clouding his thoughts. Jake was about to respond when “We have a positive id on the driver. Her name is (Y/N) (M/N) (L/N),We-” Jake dropped the mic and raced to his car with lex at his heels. “Jake! Wait!” Lex said as he caught up to Jake. “Lex I don’t have time, she needs me!” He said, jaw clenched and eyes unfocused. “I know, I’m coming with you.” Lex said as he hopped into the passengers side as Jake sped off with his sirens blaring. They didn’t have far to go but it seemed to take forever in Jakes eyes. “She’s going to be alright Jake.” Lex said as he watched his friend. His jaw was clenched and his grip on the steering wheel got tighter. “I know.” He said. “She has to be.” They arrived just as the paramedics were loading her into the ambulance. Jake jumped out of the cruiser before it even came to a complete stop, Lex put it in park before joining him.The state of (Y/N)’s car made him all the more eager to find her. It looked like she was rammed into a tree, the passenger side door was crushed and glass was everywhere.Panicked, Jake pushed passed everyone to get to her but was stopped just as he got to the ambulance. “I’m sorry sir but you can’t go in there.” An EMT said. “I’m her boyfriend and I’m going with her!” Jake yelled. The paramedic stared at him, stunned before Lex cut in. “Let him go.” he said sternly. “I’ll call (Y/N)’s family, tell them what’s going on and I’ll meet you there.” And at that the paramedic reluctantly stepped aside as Jake rushed into the rig, but what he saw broke his heart. (Y/N), his beautiful (Y/N) laid there all bruised and battered. She had a large, sickening looking bruise on the left side of her face, hair matted with blood, cuts all down her arms and a large gash that would surely need stitches running from her left shoulder down to her elbow. He didn’t even want to think about any other injuries she could possibly have. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn’t hear the paramedic speaking to him until he tapped his shoulder. “Huh? What?” “Sir, do you know if she’s on any medications? I need to know so we properly medicate her.” Jake had to shake his head to clear his thoughts before responding “She’s on antidepressants,medication for anxiety, birth control, uh something for PCOS but I can’t remember the name.” Jake was kicking himself for not remembering the name. He didn’t want them to give her something that could react badly to her medication. “Alright, thanks.” was all he said before getting back to tending to (Y/N). Jake was scared, he wanted to ask if she was ok, if there was anything he could do to help. But the fear of losing her kept him from doing anything but worry, worry that she might not make it out of this, and that was enough to bring tears to his eyes. ‘No’ He thought as he furiously wiped the tears from his eyes. ‘I can’t think like that, (Y/N) is strong, she’ll make it, she’ll be okay’ But even that wasn’t enough to stop the rapid beating of his heart or the want to vomit. Pretty soon they were pulling up to the hospital and wheeling (Y/N) out on a gurney into the main doors with Jake close behind. That is until someone stopped him before he could follow them into the OR. “Sir you can’t go in there!” The nurse said as she tried to keep him from following the one person he cared about in this world. The girl that kept him from running. “She has anxieties, she need me!” He said frantically trying to get passed her and the security guard that was called. “(Y/N)!” He wailed as he dropped to his knees after losing sight of her. Lex hurried up behind him and told the two he could handle it. He led a heartbroken Jake into the waiting room where (Y/N)’s family was anxiously waiting. It felt like they were there for hours when in reality they were only there for 20 minutes. Jake kept to himself after speaking with her family. He was nervously bouncing his knees up and down and running his hand through his hair. This was torture to him. No one has come out yet to tell them how she was doing and it was driving him insane. Lex had left to get coffee while (Y/N)’s family sat waiting and praying that she would be ok. Just when Jake was about to punch a wall in frustration lex walked in. “How you holdin up?” He asked as he handed Jake his coffee which he gratefully accepted. “Let’s see. The woman I love is in surgery because some asshole decided to ram her car into a tree and I am sitting here helplessly, waiting for a doctor to come out and tell me what the hells going on. How do you think I feel?” Jake snapped as Lex let out a sigh and shifted beside him. “Listen, I just got off the phone with Walden, they caught the guy. ” Jake straightened up at the statement, jaws clenched and eyes alight with anger. But before he could jump out of his seat to beat the son of a bitch Lex held him still to tell him the rest. “They found him swerving his truck near the high school.” Lex paused before saying the words that would anger Jake the most. “He was driving drunk.” Jake immediately stood up but Lex yanked him back into his seat so he wouldn’t make another scene. “Jake, hey! Listen to me!” Lex tried to reason with Jake before he did anything reckless. “I’m going to kill him. I’m going kill him.” Jake muttered as his knees began to shake again, but this time in anger. “No you’re not. He’ll get what he deserves, he’s going to jail but you, you’re going to stay here because (Y/N) needs you.” Lex was right, (Y/N) needed him right now. He could deal with that bastard later, but now she was his main priority. Before anyone could say anything else, a doctor came into the room and everyone stood up. “Are you the family of (Y/N) (L/N)?” “Yes!” Jake spoke hurriedly. “How is she? Is she going to be alright?” Before he could bombard him with more questions the doctor raised his hand. “She’s fine, she’s stable now.” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and Jake felt just a little bit lighter. “When can we see her?” Jake asked, eager to see his girlfriend. “Not yet.” The doctor paused. “That’s what I came in here to tell you. (Y/N) has received multiple injuries. She has some pretty extensive bruising on the side of her face, two broken ribs, and a concussion but she is expected to make a full recovery, someone will be back to tell you when she can receive visitors.” The doctor said before leaving the room. Relieved with the news that she was going to be okay, (Y/N)’s family embraced each other while Jake let out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding in. Lex clapped his friends shoulder “ I told you she was going to be alright, she’s a fighter.” He said as Jake smiled and sat down. Now he could rest a little easier knowing she was going to be alright. The two engaged in small talk with (Y/N)’s family and played with her nephew while waiting to go back and see her. Even though he knew she was going to be ok, Jake still worried. That’s what he did when it came to her, he always worried for her safety, always wanted to make sure she was alright. That’s why he was so eager to get to her, to put his worries to rest and to see for himself that she was ok. An agonizing 3 hours passed before a nurse came in to tell them that they could see her, but one person at a time. At the news Jake felt a little antsy, of course her family would go in first. Jake was pulled out of his trance as (Y/N)’s mother spoke. “Jake.” She said as she sniffled and wiped her eyes with a worn tissue. “You should be the first to see her, she would want that.” Jake stared at her for a moment before nodding in thanks and following the nurse to (Y/N)’s room. As soon as they arrived at her door he all of a sudden became nervous about seeing her. Of course he had seen her before she was brought to the hospital, all battered and broken, but the thought of seeing her like that again broke him. But he needed to see her. He needed to be there for her and take care of her. So without further hesitation, he nodded to the nurse in thanks, turned the handle, and walked inside. When he saw her his breath caught in his throat. She laid there with a bandage wrapped around her head and the left side of her face, covering her eye. Her skin was pale, dark circles under the eye that could be seen, and yet she still looked so beautiful to him. He walked slowly to the right side of the bed and quietly pulled up a chair, afraid that he would wake her. He took her hand in his and kissed it, reveling in the feel of her; and that’s when he broke. He laid his head on the bed as he sobbed, clutching her hand. He let out all his emotions, fear, sadness, anger, relief, everything that he had held in. Fear of losing her, the sadness of seeing her in this state, anger towards the bastard who did this, and relief that she was now ok. Once he had run out of tears he felt the exhaustion of the day finally take over as he drifted off to sleep with her hand still in his. He awoke to a gentle scratching sensation on his scalp but was too groggy to do anything else but groan, that’s when he heard a giggle, her giggle. His head shot up and he took her in. Her (H/C) hair messy and a little matted but still as gorgeous as ever, and her eye, the only one he could see was staring right at him filled with nothing but love. He didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh or both. He wanted so badly to embrace her in a bone crushing hug but instead settled for tucking a strand of hair behind her ear before kissing her cheek softly and setting back down. Now it was her turn to look at him. His hair was disheveled and sticking out at odd angles, his scruff longer than usual, and his his eyes, red and puffy, like he’d been crying, had he been crying? “Jake” she spoke, her voice hoarse “Have you been crying?” At her words Jake nodded and rubbed the top of her hand with his thumb, unafraid to admit that he’d been crying “You scared the hell out of me (Y/N/N)” he said “I’m sorry” she smiled sadly “No no no, baby it’s not your fault” he said hurriedly, gripping her hand tighter. “How do you feel?” Her heart clenched at the concern in his voice. “Sore, plus I can’t see out of my left eye because of a bandage. Why do I have a bandage on my face by the way?“She chuckled softly but he could still hear the underlying fear in her voice “What happened?” At that, Jake froze. She saw his eyes that were once filled with concern turn to anger. He stayed silent for a few seconds, unsure of how to word it for fear of scaring her. “You were in an accident” he said slowly “Your car was T- boned by a drunk driver and you hit a tree.” He clenched his fist and she saw his eyes shift to anger once again for a split second before turning soft and gazing back at her as she tried to process this information “How…how bad is it?” She asked, panic beginning to rise in her “Why- why can’t I see?!” Jake stood, hand never leaving hers as he shushed her and tried to calm her anxiety “Hey, it’s ok. It’s just for your head but in order to fully wrap it they had to cover your eye, ok?” He soothed her “You’re going to be just fine but you’re going to have to take it easy ok? You have a concussion but you are going to be ok. No side effects, no brain injury, just a little bump on the head ok?” He reassured her with a soft smile as he was pet her hair. She looked at him and let out a shaky breath, still not completely rid of her anxieties. She waited a moment before speaking again “Anything else?” She asked, still waiting for bad news. Jake was a little hesitant because he knew how she felt about bodily injuries and things she couldn’t control, but he knew he had to tell her “You also have two broken ribs, but the doctor says they aren’t as bad as they could have been…And you have a gash coming from your shoulder to your elbow that been stitched up. You’re going to be ok” She took the information in and she sighed “Well, looks like I won’t be doing anything for a while.” She groaned “And you know I hate hospitals.” “I know you do baby, but I’m going to be right here with you until you get better. I’m going to go pack some things from home and I’ll stay with you and keep you company, alright?” She smiled and touched his cheek softly “How did I get so lucky?” He leaned into her touch and smiled. “I’ve been asking myself the same question. I love you, (Y/N).” “And I love you, Jake” She said before kissing him softly.