Bought my dream car today, a 1969 VW Bug. It’s over 20 years in the making. As a kid, my grandmother always talked about getting a classic Bug for ourselves–that we’d drive through the Mission together. She’d tell me this while we were on the bus since she never knew how to drive. Though she never got to see me buy the car, I bought it for her and I.

But I’m completely in love with the car. It’s a work in progress but it’s my very own car. I’m also grateful that @edwardflowerss helped me today. He’s so supportive and I’m forever appreciative of him and his family.


1969 Goodyear Tires Advertising Hot Rod Magazine November 1969 by SenseiAlan

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />1969 Goodyear Tires Advertising Hot Rod Magazine November 1969

thrilian  asked:

Hi, could you explain why you dont like the rhetoric that states that the lgbt community came together to fight homophobia and transphobia? (Sorry if i didnt check and that you already explained it)

Good lawd. There’s a LOT to unpack there but let me see if I can hit the high points. 

First and most importantly:
It’s blatantly and laughably untrue. The “T” wasn’t added to the community name until the late fucking 90s. Cis people do not and have never given a shit about trans folks, even cis LGBP+ folks, and this is easily demonstrable by being a trans person or talking to older trans people

If we want to take the assumption that the american queer rights movement began at stonewall in 1969 - Stonewall was a particular target for regular police raids because it was especially patronized by people rejected by more respectable gay establishments - ie QPOC, especially gender-nonconforming and trans POC. They were there because they weren’t welcome at the nice white gay bars. :V just sayin. (Which isn’t to imply that “nice white gay bars” were still a safe place to be - just that the division in our community along lines of race, gender performance and general ‘respectability’ has always existed.)

So that’s the big one. It’s just fucking false and it allows cis LGBP+ folks to pretend like they’ve done literally anything positive for the trans community.

Beyond that, it’s a blatant exclusionary tactic. The only reason this weird lie was cooked up this year was to exclude people. It’s just anti-ace rhetoric, plain and simple, but it also becomes multi-antagonizing and trans-antagonizing rhetoric in the way that it erases m-spec struggles completely and dismisses the widespread anti-trans agenda prevalent among cis LGBP+ folks. 

Plain and simple, it’s a lie that serves cis gay people and no one else.