There was a 4 year period from 1986 through 1990 when these 3 cars kept each other company, tucked away in a non-descript storage building near an industrial area in Yakima, WA. 

This grainy, terrible (and priceless) picture tells the tale about how the Charger, a 1969 ½ 440 Six-Pack Super Bee, and a 1967 440 4-speed Plymouth GTX were in storage together while I went back to college many miles away. 

Early in 1983 I convinced my dad we needed a family project that we could turn wrenches together on and possibly turn a profit at the end. I found a 1967 Plymouth GTX in “rough” condition and after 2 years of sweat, cash, and effort, it turned out awesome. 

Quite unexpectedly, I found an old drag racer with a solid 1969 ½ 440 Six-Pack Super Bee (ran 11’s) in 1985 and with some luck convinced him to sell it to us. Another year later with more sweat, more dollars and more effort, it also turned out awesome.

This amazing Trio remained together, dusty and frozen in time, until early 1991 when both the Super Bee and GTX were sold. 

I often think of the heady times when I owned, at least partially, 4 classic muscle cars, (my daily driver was a 1969 G.T.O.) but some of my fondest memories are of the times my dad and I spent together restoring the GTX and Super Bee.

Scott Crawford.