“ Actually, Clark, you egotistical alien jackass, what I meant is that costume is just plain AWFUL.  First rule of non-powered crimefighting: you have to have a solid aesthetic to make up for the fact that you can’t punch villains through skyscrapers. Bats creep people out, and Ollie’s got the whole Robin Hood thing.”

“ Yeah, Clark, Bruce is right.  What the hell is that eyesore supposed to mean?  Do you shoot high velocity golden Ping-Pong balls out of your crotch?  I haven’t seen anything that lame since the original Green Lantern’s duds, and you know how that worked out. ”

“It’s about marketing, man.  You can’t squeeze coal into diamonds anymore, so you’re going to need that merch money. ”

“ How are you gonna get around town now that you can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound? You’re at least gonna need a car, and let me tell you, Bat and Arrowmobiles don’t come cheap.  You won’t even be able to pay for a set of self-sealing, puncture-proof tires on a reporter’s salary, and keeping it topped off with high-performance racing-quality fuel?  Forget it. ”

“  You think Alfred, my ‘faithful’ butler, hauls himself out of bed at 3 AM at his age to suture me up and make me a sandwich after Killer Croc used me as a chew toy for FREE?  He’s got a better benefits package than most CEOs. The Wayne Foundation doesn’t pay for Batman: t-shirts and action figures do.  Otherwise I’d be flat broke and racing to the scene of a crime on a Bat-Bicycle.”

“ Yeah, Clark, why do you think only rich dudes get to be the only superheroes without powers?  Skill and determination, my ass.  Better get out your checkbook, Golden Ball."  

Neal Adams, September 1968.

Yves Saint Laurent, Wedding Bikini, 1968