1967 guitar

_Syd Barrett, Rick Wright and/e Nick Mason; Pink Floyd; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; Queen Elizabeth Hall; Rehearsals for the Games for May concert/Ensaios para o show Games for May; May 12th 1967/12 de maio de 1967.

_Photo/Foto: Nick Hale.

George Harrison, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London, 17 May 1967. Photo: Leslie Bryce/The Beatles Book.

On 25 May 1967, The Beatles recorded the Harrisong “It’s All Too Much.”

It’s All Too Much was written in a childlike manner from realisations that appeared during and after some LSD experiences and which were later confirmed in meditation:

When I look into your eyes
your love is there for me -
and the more I go inside
The more there is to see

- it’s all too much, etc.” - George Harrison, I Me Mine