The Beatles at the press call prior to the next day’s Our World global satellite broadcast, which featured their performance of “All You Need Is Love,” 24 June 1967. Photos: Mirrorpix; Jane Bown; Leslie Bryce/The Beatles Book.

“Karma is: what you sow, you reap. Like John said in ‘All You Need Is Love’: ‘There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be,’ because you yourself have carved out your own destiny by your previous actions.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]

Historical Map: 1967 San Francisco Muni Rapid Transit Plan

I’m ever so slightly in love with this simple little map showing proposed rapid transit lines in San Francisco. There’s some lovely texture for the parkland, a nice vignetted effect for the coastline, and some great mid-century typography as well – all rather delightful! 

There’s a great information hierarchy as well, with buses being thin light blue lines, then trolley buses slightly thicker brown lines. Cable cars are shown by thin black lines that still appear visually stronger than trolley buses, and the proposed lines are unmissable thick black lines with stations clearly shown. 

There’s even a lovely little compass rose – it’s just a shame that this fold-out map wasn’t opened fully before being scanned, as a large section is hidden from view in the centre of the map.

Our rating: A great example of a map doing sterling work with a judicious use of just a few colours, combined with a good information hierarchy. Four stars!

Source: Eric Fischer/Twitter


The 2nd studio album by the Small Faces was released on 23 June 1967 (a collection of the band’s material for its previous label, Decca, was released on 3 weeks earlier).

The album was released in the US as There Are But Four Small Faces in December, but with different songs.


Paul McCartney pointing out the hypocrisy of the press and their ‘Moral Crusades’.

On 17 June 1967, Life Magazine ran an interview with Paul McCartney in which the Beatle admitted to having taken LSD. The UK press immediately seized upon it, and two days later McCartney gave a statement to Independent Television News (ITN).