Nothing like a well worn Fender Mustang!Nabbed this early ‘65 model recently, and I’m a total sucker for a yellowed, checked, and played in Olympic White finish. This Fender has the narrow 1 ½" A nut width too, and I surely don’t see that too often. #guitar #fender #mustang #olympicwhite #vintageguitar #offsetguitar #shortscale #electricguitar #1965 (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

“I think the bad thing about some groups is, you know the lead guitarist likes to be the star and the drummer likes to be the star, and also the singer’s out there in the front, you know. who is the star of the group, and that’s all wrong I think. With us we try, and everybody is a bit of, you know, one whole.” - George, Pop Profile, 1965