1962 dodge dart


1962 Dodge Dart 330 by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
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While on the Hemmings Blog, an ad for a 1960 Dodge Seneca appeared on the side.  It is just like my “first” car. It was long before I had my license, but it was still the first car I drove.  As a toddler and budding car freak, my parents were visiting friends and we were all outside.  I managed to climb into the car and start pushing buttons and pulling levers and managed to release the parking brake.  There was no “Park” on those early Torqueflite transmissions. The car rolled down the gentle slope, across the sleepy street and into an empty park. The street did not even have curbs.

The site of my first drive is still quiet decades later!

This car is extremely similar. This one has the poly head 318 V8, where mine had the first year 225 slant six. My car also did not have the optional back up lights. 

I think, I am going to have to try to buy this car.