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George Harrison through the years, all images courtesy of thebeatles.com and georgeharrison.com

Photo 1: Geoff Williams
Photo 2: Astrid Kirchherr

Q: “Establishing a post-Beatles existence can’t have been easy. How are things going for you these days?”
George Harrison: “On behalf of all the remaining ex-Beatles, I can say that the fact that we do have some brain cells left and a sense of humor is quite remarkable. I’ve had my ups and downs over the years, and now I’ve sort of leveled out. I’m feeling good. I don’t get too carried away or too down about anything. I distance myself from things like the serious business side of the film company, or else I’d crack. I spend plenty of time planting trees, things like that. I have a lot of good friends, good relationships, plenty of laughs. A lot of funny little diversions that keep things interesting.”
Q: “It sounds good. But don’t you ever, even for a moment, miss all the excitement, the highs?”
GH: “No. Then’s then, and now’s now. In the late Seventies, I just sort of phased myself out of the limelight. And then all the new generations come up. You get older and change your appearance, and they forget what you look like. I suppose, though, with a new record out, that I’m launching myself back into show business for a while.”
Q: “Was that a conflict for you?”
GH: “No. I enjoyed making the record, though I don’t like to be on TV and do the interviews necessary to promote it. There was a time when I actually hated all that. But now I’m reasonably well balanced about it all and understand in my own mind why I’m doing it. Unfortunately, it will make me a bit ‘famous’ again. I don’t really like being famous. I suppose I still am, but I don’t really think of myself as a famous person. People will be picking up magazines that will have me in them for a bit - but just for a bit. Then I’ll go back to being retired again. Or at least putting all this on the back burner. I’ve managed to find a balance between show business and a kind of peacefulness. It feels very nice.”
- Film Comment interview with George Harrison, conducted by Elaine Dutka, 1988 [x]