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Self Defense According To Barney Fife

Barney gives Opie (a young Ron Howard) advice on how to handle troublemakers.

JULY 13: Danitra Vance (1954-1994)

Comedy legend and the very first lesbian ever cast on Saturday Night Live, Danitra Vance, was born on July 13, 1954 and would have celebrated her 63rd birthday today!

Throughout her career, Danitra was awarded an NAACP Image Award, an Obie Award, and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award (x). 

Danitra was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Thornton Township High School. Despite having struggled with dyslexia in elementary school, she thrived as a member of her high school’s theater program. After graduating high school she attended Roosevelt University, where she studied playwriting and acting; a play she wrote in college titled “Skylark” is an iconic piece still performed on the campus today. Danitra also went to London to receive her MFA in acting, returning home to Chicago in 1971 determined to get her big break.

One of her recurring characters on SNL was “That Black Girl,” an actress who was constantly denied starring roles because of her race. The skit was a parody of the 1960s sitcom That Girl (x). 

A teacher by day and a performer by night, Danitra developed her comedic voice in nightclubs throughout the 1970s. She was a member of the successful Second City Comedy Troupe for a while before deciding to move to New York City in 1981. Her big break came four years later when she was accepted into the cast of Saturday Night Live! Danitra made history as the first black woman to become an SNL series regular, the first SNL member to have a learning disability, and the very first lesbian to ever be cast on SNL – and still to this date is the only black lesbian to ever perform on the series. SNL made Danitra Vance a household name, but she left after only season with the show due to the writers consistently giving her racist stereotypical roles like “That Black Girl” and Cabrini Jackson the teenage mother.

Danitra laughs with Ray Charles, who she co-starred with in the 1989 film Limit Up (x).

Having left SNL, Danitra began a career on Broadway that would eventually earn her both an NAACP Award and an Obie Award. Her award-winning turns were in two George C. Wolfe plays, The Colored Museum and Spunk. She also starred in four movies during her post-SNL career, one being Little Man Tate alongside fellow lesbian icon, Jodie Foster. In 1990, when Danitra was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer, she penned the semi-autobiographical play The Radical Girl’s Guide to Mastectomy. The cancer eventually overtook her on August 21, 1994 when she was 40-years-old. It was only revealed after her death that Danitra was a lesbian who had been with her partner, Jones Miller, for over ten years.


A NaruSaku timeline AU, anyone?

I would like to do this NS thing……

these are all quick summaries and ideas. I would love for them to be stories later in the future :)


I would like to have a later 19th century- early 20th century NS AU. A Victorian era AU. Like those two growing up in the 1890s-1910s. Naruto (1880-1962) and Sakura (1881-1967) having those silent moments together where they hold hands together. Naruto comes by to give her flowers.  Naruto gives sakura tons of dresses/jewelry/those Victorian hats due to being son of a state senator (minato). I need pictures of them in their Victorian outfits. family pictures with the kids

do you want a 1920s NS AU of Naruto and Sakura living in the roaring twenties? wearing the flapper outfits and 20’s suits. Naruto is kinda rich (his father is the senator) so he’s the first in his town to own a car. He and Sakura (and sometimes brings Sauce along) to go in the town and go to secret pubs and drink. That Jazz music and dancing tho.

Are you thinking of a 1930s AU of Naruto and Sakura triying to get through the depression? They have 2 kids to feed. Naruto works at a factory 12 hours a day. Sakura is singer at the cotton club trying to get famous so she can help her family. she has beautiful voice that can make you understand why Naruto loves to hear it 24 hours a day. The family dancing to jazz/swing records during the night and the parents tucking the kids into bed for school in the morning.

How about a 1940’s AU with Sakura being the head nurse for WWII, and meeting solider!Naruto during his first day of training.  Naruto takes an interest in her and tries to impress her with his skills (even tho he falls last in the sessions). She sees him as just another solider who will unfortunately will die on the first day of battle. She starts to take an interest in him due to his fighting spirit and refusal to give up. Sakura falling for Naruto after that and starting to worry because she knows that she may not see him again after he goes to war. Sakura and Naruto make love before he leaves to Germany. When Naruto tells Sakura (tears in her eyes) goodbye, she gives him a tight hug/kiss and warns him “and if i dare see an limb missing from you, then you’ll see hell, shannaro!!” Naruto smiles at her warmly and tells her, “don’t worry I’ll be back before you can say dattebayo!” unfortunately, he couldn’t keep the promise and didn’t make it alive. She didn’t even get to tell him that she was pregnant with twins. She tells her kids stories about their father and how much he would’ve loved to see them.

Are you feeling a 1950s AU of Naruto rocking that 50s hairdo? Acting all rebellious against guadians? Sakura being the goody-goody two shoes and keeping Naruto in check when he acting rebellious/reckless. Naruto loves it when he gets her attention. it gives him a reason to flirt with her. Getting Sakura to go out with him to a drive-in to see movies like “shane” or “Carmen jones” Naruto getting her tickets to see Elvis Presley. Sakura was so happy that, out of nowhere, she kisses Naruto on the lips. Poor boy fainted and bonked his head on the floor…

Are you up for a 1960s AU of Sakura being in a girl singing group with her friend Ino and Karin? They were at the charts with their #1 single for 20 weeks. Naruto was a fan who happen to run into the beautiful lead singer at a diner. She tried to be in disguise, but c'mon girl, wearing a hat with sunglasses wont do anything. They have a nice talk for a while and Sakura gives him free tickets for the next concert and hopes she sees him again.  

  • Or another 60s AU of Sakura starting in a 1960s sitcom that ran for 10 years. Naruto staring as her husband in the sitcom. both end up getting married in real life after the 5th season.

Maybe you would like a 1970s AU of Naruto meeting Sakura at a Anti-war protest. Sakura is a college student who believes that tension can be solved without war. Naruto, a college drop out, was at the protest because his friend, shikamaru dragged him into it (because the protest was giving out weed for free, you can’t give that up).

Maybe an 1980s AU of Naruto once again, the rebellious teenager who loves rock music. Sakura the preppy girl who can’t stand kids who don’t follow the rules and do stupid things. She doesn’t give him no mind, until she’s told to tutor Naruto with his math for the next few weeks (how lame…) . However, she learns that Naruto is an orphan who lives at a foster home who only acts at that to get attention from people since the people at this foster care don’t care about him enough to do it. Learning that he’s a super star wars geek and has fun debates with sakura, a star trekkie, on which series is better.

A 1990s AU of Naruto and Sakura being huge videogame fans. Kushina taking Naruto to Sakura’s house so she can chat with Sakura’s mom. Naruto and Sakura spend hours playing Super Mario 64, Pokémon, Starfox, and MarioKart 64. Naruto doesn’t get how Sakura is so good at playing these games, and gets mad that he can’t even get pass the first level/gym battle/minigame/battle.

A 2000s-2010s AU of Sakura being a famous youtuber where she does make-up tutorials and funny Q&A/skits with her Friend Ino and Temari. Naruto is a famous Viner/ instagramer with a ton a funny content. Sakura thought that vine was just a stupid tactic for people to be funny for 6 seconds, and didn’t pay attention to who Naruto was.  Both kids meeting at an comic con signing autographs for fans. Sakura sees how goofy/stupid/cute Naruto can be when they have a conversation together. Sakura soon letting Naruto do collabs with her and being a part of his vines.



I know, maybe a Marvel!AU with Naruto being an avengers recruit with Steve Rogers being his teacher. One day Steve takes Naruto the Xavier institute for a Avengers meeting with the X-Men. When Naruto was wondering around the halls while the avengers were in the headmaster’s office, he sees a pink-haired student who is running down the hallway to her literature class. He tries to speak with her, but she runs right pass him, not being able to speak to him (what does he expect? she’s late to literature class, Mr. Lehnsherr ain’t gonna be having any excuses of hers (this is the good ending of DOFP, btw)). He soon sees her before he leaves and gets to talk to her. She has the most beautiful eyes, lovely voice and such a cute forehead. He soon tries to find reasons to go back to the Xavier institute so he can see that pretty face again.


happy NS day :)

@midgetmeredith, you’re like the only other NS fan I know lol, and I would like to see what you think of these ideas :)

I started to lose ideas after the 1960s……

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Master Post (Verse)

Show: Glee/Bewitched AU
Pairing: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel

General Summary: Glee Universe AU mashup with 1960′s TV sitcom Bewitched!

Open to prompts in this universe!

1. I Married A Witch

After a whirlwind romance and an unexpected wedding, junior Vogue editor Kurt Hummel discovers some surprising things about his new husband, schoolteacher Blaine Anderson.

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Word Count: ~23,000


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWjCkcAmzDc)

Sitcom about Hitler and Eva Braun. First broadcast in 1990 on BSB (British Satellite Broadcasting). An ironic parody of American family TV comedies of the 1950s.

This has improved picture quality over the copy presently floating around Youtube. Not perfect, but a lot better.


Heil Honey I’m Home! was controversial British television sitcom, produced in 1990, and canceled after one episode aired.

The show centred on fictionalised versions of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who live together in suburban bliss, until the day their lives are turned upside-down by their new neighbours, Arny and Rosa Goldenstein, who are Jewish. The show’s plot is inevitably centered on Hitler’s inability to get along with his neighbours. A caption at the beginning of the episode presented the series as a ‘lost’ sitcom from the 50s, recently re-discovered. The show spoofed elements of 1950s and 1960s American sitcoms such as Leave It to Beaver and I Love Lucy, including the corny title, light (even vacuous) plots and dialogue, and unwarranted applause whenever a character appeared on screen.

The plot of episode 1 involved Adolf telling Eva of the impending arrival of Neville Chamberlain, and begging her not to tell the Goldensteins. Of course, Eva lets it slip to Rosa that Chamberlain (the most important man in Europe!) is coming round and Rosa tells Arny. They then crash the dinner party the Hitlers have prepared for Chamberlain.

The programme was written by Geoff Atkinson and commissioned by satellite television channel Galaxy, part of British Satellite Broadcasting (which later became part of BSkyB). It was shown at 9.30pm on a Monday night, after an episode of Dad’s Army. During the credits of Dad’s Army, Galaxy’s announcer said 'And unless Arthur Lowe defeats him, it’s the man himself in a few moments in Heil Honey, I’m Home!, as the Galaxy Comedy Weekend continues.’

The programme proved controversial when first aired, as it was seen by many as being in very poor taste. It was accused of crassly trivialising Nazism, although others have defended it as being in the same tradition of Third Reich parodies such as 'Allo 'Allo! and Hogan’s Heroes, or along similar lines to the portrayal of Hitler as a domestic fool in The Producers. They also point out the crassness was intentional, and part of the parody anyway.[1]

Only one episode (the pilot) was ever screened, although eight episodes were planned and a number were recorded. The filming of the series was cancelled immediately by Sky (BSkyB) on its acquisition of British Satellite Broadcasting. This was probably due in part to the ire that accompanied the first episode. Neither the pilot or other episodes have ever been aired since. The show has since become renowned as one of the most controversial programmes ever to have been screened in the UK; it listed at #61 on Channel 4’s The 100 Greatest TV Moments from Hell.[2]

New Works Round Up

Hey, guys, so we want to help promote new fan works so we’ll be doing a round up of new stuff to help get it out there. Frequency of round ups will depend on how much comes in/how many recs we get. If you want to rec a recently published work or WIP, you can do one of the following: 1-Send us a message with a link to the fic, 2-Tag ‘Todaydreamersfic’, or 3- Mention us @Todaydreamersfic. Members-If you are posting or reblogging a new work, please make sure you use the newfic tag. Authors, if you would like to become a member and reblog your stuff see info here

Recently Published/Works in Progress -Multi Chapter 

The Juncture of Sea and Sky (WIP) by @vampireisabitstrong 

Love and Other Immovable Objects (WIP) by @marauder-in-warblerland Summary: Blaine didn’t make friends with his students. That was his rule. As it turned out, his exception was small and blond and spent most of the third class of the semester asleep in the second row. (Glee, Check, Please crossover)

The New York Chronicles by @humanbeanisnotamused Summary: A series of one shots describing Jane and Mason’s life together in NY.

Counting the Lies (WIP) by @klainedevabethhummelson Summary: This is a multi-chapter fic that will be built using squares for Klaine Bingo.  

Remind Me to Forget (WIP) @unproductivepeanut  Summary: Blaine’s moved on from Sadie Hawkins. He’s fine; it was years ago. But it seems that the past isn’t done with Blaine.  

Soulmate Script (Complete) by @sunshineoptimismandangels Summary: I wish you would write a soulmate fic. 

Take A Bite of My Heart Tonight (WIP) by @notthetoothfairy​  Summary: In all honesty, Blaine feels a little bit like he’s been dragged into this whole mess. He signed up for a bowling night with the New Directions on a Friday night, and the next thing he knows, he’s enlisted as a supernatural soldier in the fight against aliens. But he’s not going to let his best friend fight aliens without him, so… those bad guys better watch out. Animorphs AU.   

A Gift in Every Sense of the Word (WIP) by @klainedevabethhummelson Summary: Anonymous Prompt from Glee Kink Meme. Cooper, as a coming out present to his little brother, convinces his friend Kurt to suck Blaine off.Blaine didn’t think he would ever even get to kiss a boy before going to college, never mind getting a blowjob from a boy who looks like Kurt. He’s so overwhelmed that he comes embarrassingly quick. Kurt feels bad for Blaine, and giving head makes him horny, so he decides to get Blaine hard again and ride him.

The Very Last Dance (Complete) by @nerdyfangirling Summary: A Four Weddings and A Funeral AU.Kurt’s in his twenties and it seems like everyone is getting married – except for him. When he meets gorgeous Blaine Anderson at a wedding, there’s a spark. (That night, there’s more than just a spark.) Their paths continue to cross over the course of many weddings and, sadly, a funeral. Are they meant to be, despite terrible timing?

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (Complete) by @notarelationship​ Summary: Glee Universe AU mashup with 1960′s TV sitcom Bewitched! Open to prompts in this universe!

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