1960s bride


Liza Minnelli and Peter Allen on their wedding day in New York City on March 3, 1967.

Allen was the first husband of Liza Minnelli, with the couple divorcing after seven years of marriage; he later came out as gay. He died from AIDS in 1992. After his death, the musical The Boy from Oz was written about his life. It ran on Broadway and earned Hugh Jackman a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

1962 little newlyweds Shirley Bolingbroke and Billy Barty: Shirley was a graphic design artist and Billy a prolific actor from the earliest days of Hollywood until his death in 2000. He founded the 7,000+ member organization Little People of America in 1957.


Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on their wedding day.  March 15, 1964.

In 1961 on the set of Cleopatra when Elizabeth Taylor met and began dating co-star Richard Burton, despite both being married to other people. They tied the knot on March 15, 1964 in a small ceremony in Montreal 9 days after her divorce was finalized. Elizabeth and Richard were initially married for 10 years during which time they were arguably Hollywood’s most high-profile couple. During their marriage, Richard presented his wife with some of her most famous and expensive jewelry – from the 70-carat flawless pear-shaped diamond ring that was subsequently renamed the Taylor-Burton Diamond, to the 33-carat Krupp jewel she wore in several of her movies. They divorced on June 26,1974 in Switzerland only to remarry in a secret ceremony in October 10, 1975 in Botswana. Their second marriage ended on July 29, 1976.


The Alexander Doll Company/Madame Alexander Doll Company released several versions of Leslie wedding dolls between the mid-1960′s and early 1970′s. She was 17″ tall and wore the trademark Madame Alexander nylon panties and stockings.