1960s batmobile

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I honestly expected you of all people to not like the new Batmobile due to it having guns on it. Batman never uses guns.

I find it funny that a lot of fans complain about guns being mounted on the new Batmobile. 

The 1960’s version of the Batmobile had a Bat-zooka. 
 No image found so here’s the source

Tim Burton’s version had two Brownings mounted on it. Can’t recall if they were used in the movie or not.

Movie version:

Toy Version:

Comics Version:

Nolan’s version of the Batmobile, known as the Tumbler, was more of a combat vehicle. It was weapon-ized in various ways. It had two machine guns and a rocket launcher.

No images were found of them in use. However I do recall some action scenes where it had been used. But here’s a source link.

Of course, the  Arkham Knight Batmobile also has a gun mounted on it.

But the nail in the coffin would be The Dark Knight Returns version. Which is a lot like the Tumbler.

The truth is Batman doesn’t like to kill, he doesn’t want to kill. And yes, some versions of him do kill. But the main version does his best not to, but he has failed. He has failed in the movies, and the comics, though it’s usually handled well.

And the truth is, each version has some sort of gun on it. Usually shoots rubber bullets as to not kill people, hopefully.