Such a huge fan of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”.  I’ve probably watched it three times since it came out last Friday.  Probably one of the most compelling characters was Elle/ Eleven.  So I had to do a little fan art character design illustration of her.  Hoping I can find time to work on the other characters too.


Nine Los Angeles Houses

From “Daydream Houses of Los Angeles”, Charles Jenks, Published by Rizzoli, (1978)

(From top left)

1) Picture Frame Classical with Egyptian Cardboard:  The front and sides are in masterful disjunction as are the brick podium and letter box. (8986 Norma)

2) Wedgewood Mansard with all Possible Symbols:  The electronic gates, urns, cypresses, finials, lighting standards, paving, fountain, LA door are alll greater that the sum of it’s parts. (333 Copa de Oro)

3) Rustic Door: Typical watered-desert planting The door that breaks the roof line is also normal. (9019 Norma)

4) Vaux-Le-Vicompte at Fifteen Feet:  Note the second empire lighting, the LA door and topiary petrol pumps (8937 Ashcroft Ave.)

5) Predatory Mansard with LA Door:  Note the lighting fixtures, excessive rustication, oeil-de boeuf and elongated proportions. (130 Mapleton Drive)

6) Late Charles Adams with White Pleats: The bungalow extension even swings out, welcoming the car. The remorseless black of this black is not unintentional. (225 North Gower)

7) Topiary Fascist:  Nature abundant and in chains. Planting surrounds the house and articulates the semi private front garden as well as the door. (8039 Mulholland Drive)

8)  Uptight Classicist with Upright Door:  Rolls Royce and fireplace overtones mix with Regency and Billboard (8827 Dorrington Ave.)

9) Egyptoid with Circus Tent and Car Display:  The house changes every few years. Three “replicars” are displayed in the garage off right. (813 Greenway Drive)