1960's woman


I realize now how very short life is, because I’ve got to be considered to be in the home stretch. But I won’t waste time on recriminations and regrets. And the same goes for my shortcomings and my own failures.

Eldred Gregory Peck (April 5th, 1916 - June 12th, 2003)

Pauline Fordham’s Boutique, Carnaby Street, London, 1966
In Pauline Fordham’s boutique in Ganton Street, near Carnaby Street. Customer Jackie Binder in a ‘with it’ blouse and skirt stands beside a dressing room decorated with the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes. In the background, Jacqueline Ball plays the juke box.

Marianne Faithfull, just before her relationship with Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger became public, waiting for a film producer at The National Film Theatre. 4th December 1966. Photo by Daily Mirror