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My review of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I went into this movie not expecting much but getting more then I could ever dream for. The characters were perfectly developed with the right pacing. The music and filmography was fantastic as well. I absolutely loved the plot and it left me wanting more. I haven’t seen anything like this in awhile and it made me so happy.

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I'm not a comic book reader but I always thought that Batman's one true love was Catwoman and vice versa. I think the general public only really knows about Batcat.

I think if you were to ask non-comic fans who is Batman’s love interest, most would probably answer Catwoman. They may not know all the ins and outs of their relationship, but that would be the common answer. Films like Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Rises plus the 1960′s Batman TV show had a major influence in putting their relationship into the mainstream spotlight. In terms of commonly known comic relationships by the general public, you have Lois and Clark, Peter and Mary Jane - after that, probably Bat and Cat. I hope DC is paying attention to the general reaction of the marriage proposal and realize that their is a great deal of positive support for it. Many people want it to happen.

RIP Adam West (1928-2017)

Although Adam West never appeared on “The Lucy Show,” many of his “Batman” co-stars did! 

MADGE BLAKE (Aunt Harriet Cooper on “Batman”) played a  driver picking up a hitchhiking Mr. Mooney in “Lucy, the Camp Cook” (S3;E6). 

STAFFORD REPP (Police Chief O’Hara on “Batman”) played Joe the Plumber when “Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower” (S1;E18)

REPP returned to play a wordless, put-upon Counterman in “Lucy is a Process Server” (S2;E27).  

ETHEL MERMAN (villainess Lola Lasagna on “Batman”) played herself in two episodes: “Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing” (S2;E18)“Ethel Merman and the Boy Scout Show” (S2;E19).  

MILTON BERLE (villain Louie the Lilac on “Batman”) played himself in “Lucy Saves Milton Berle” (S4;E13).  

BERLE returned to play himself once again in “Lucy Meets the Berles” (S6;E1). 

VITO SCOTTI (Matey Dee in “The Penguin’s Nest” & “The Bird’s Last Jest”) played the YMCA Fencing Instructor in “Lucy Digs Up a Date” (S1;E2).  

SCOTTI returned to play madcap inventor Sam Buscovich in “Lucy the Robot” (S4;E23). 

ELLEN CORBY (Miss Green in “The Joker’s Flying Saucer”) played a Woman in the Park in “Lucy and the Runaway Butterfly” (S1;E29).

CORBY returned to play Miss Tanner, Mr. Mooney’s secretary in “Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault” (S2;E4).  

ALAN HALE JR. (Gilligan, the diner cook in “The Ogg and I” starring Egghead) played Captain Burke in “Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank” (S2;E9). 

NORMA VARDEN (Mrs. Monteagle in “The Thirteenth Hat” starring The Mad Hatter) played the snooty socialite Mrs. Van Vlack in “Lucy Gets Her Maid” (S3;E11). 

BEN WELDEN (Foo Young, Egghead’s henchman in “An Egg Grows in Gotham” & “The Egg Foes in Gotham”) played Mr. Cooper, the Brewster Salvage Man in “Lucy Drives a Dump Truck” (S1;E24).  

The Riddler, for Rachel Ordway. She was the first person to help me out on this $5 sketch promotion deelie so I wanted to go all out! I hope you like the full sized one! I based his face and costume on Frank Gorshin from the 1960’s Batman TV show, and after seeing some great references and gifs of him, I knew I had my Riddler. Also, Batman Forever Riddler doesn’t wear a suit =P

Rachel, let me know if you don’t care for this and would like me to redo it, or do another one for you. I wanna be sure you like it =D