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I realize now how very short life is, because I’ve got to be considered to be in the home stretch. But I won’t waste time on recriminations and regrets. And the same goes for my shortcomings and my own failures.

Eldred Gregory Peck (April 5th, 1916 - June 12th, 2003)


George Harrison, outside 25 Upton Green, and inside with his guitars, 1950′s and 1961. Photos © Harrison Family.

“Downstairs in the kind of dining room of the house [at 25 Upton Green], next to this old upright piano that nobody ever played, I used to just sit there when everyone had gone to bed. And I’d polish my guitar, and play, and practice bits that I’d seen other people playing, and try and figure out chords.” - George Harrison, Billboard, 5 December 1992


George Harrison and Paul McCartney, 1950’s to 1990’s, screen capped from The Beatles Anthology and Living in the Material World (some posted previously here, here, here and here)

Photo 3: Linda McCartney

“I have a tendency to defend Paul - John and Ringo too - if anyone else said anything without qualification about them.” - George Harrison, NME, 11 December 1976 [x]

“But actually, I love Paul, he’s my mate and it doesn’t matter what I say in the papers, they’re not going to get much mileage out of that one.” - George Harrison on the media reports of a supposed feud between himself and Paul McCartney, 27 February 1988 [x]

“[George] looked up to John so much. He said, ‘Oh, John would be a Wilbury in a  second.’ He’d say about Paul, ‘Paul is a year older than me, and he still is.’ But he really loved Paul, too. And he really loved Ringo.” - Tom Petty, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002

“‘I remember being on a Chris Evans thing, Thank God It’s Friday or something,’ Paul McCartney tells me on the phone as he drives through London on a warm May afternoon. ‘Chris said during the interview, “So what about George? He’s a bit of an old hippy, isn’t he? All this Hare Krishna…” And it was like, “You thickhead. No, actually: George is very cool. All that stuff, just because you don’t believe it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t cool.” And I’m sure Chris Evans has totally revised his opinion of George, as have a lot of people, because he was effin’ brilliant.’” - Uncut, August 2008 [x]