1960' s

Outside of Tehran supreme court, an “Arizehnevis” types up a legal document for a customer, 1960′s

Arizehnevis (literally, “petition writer”) were typists who usually sat outside of courts in Iran and helped people who were either illiterate or didn’t have a type machine with writing and typing their legal documents 

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What do you think of Yellow Pearl?

I really like her! Of what we’ve seen so far of her, anyway.

‘Message Received’ was one of the first new SU episodes I experienced, so it was a blast meeting new characters right away. I loved how they made Yellow Pearl sound like an operator from the 1960s.

Plus she’s just … so snarky. I wanna hear more of her sass.

the most jarring thing my dad has ever told me is that we’re the new 60’s

when i asked him what he meant he said that he remembered being a kid in the 60’s, he remembered the long hair and the sex and the push against an older, less tolerant generation for freedom. he was born in 1955 so he wasn’t intimately involved in the progressiveness of it but he said he remembered always understanding the younger generation because they spoke to children like him, children that were being raised in restrictive households that were more prone to rebellion. flash forward to our generation and he’s floored, he’s shocked and a little bit scared because he sees the same passion in us, the same struggle and desire for change but this time he’s the older generation. we’re the new 60’s and he’s the establishment we’re trying to change. and it just strikes me how circular this world is, and how every once in a while a certain generation comes around with their radical, progressive agenda. and one day we’re going to wake up in the future and find ourselves face-to-face with a younger, more progressive generation and we’re going to have to decide if we’re still with them or if we’re the new establishment they’re fighting against