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Olivia and George Harrison with Paul and Linda McCartney at the Venus and Mars party, held aboard the Queen Mary II in Long Beach, California, on 24 March 1975. Photos possibly © Harry Benson, courtesy of the fabulous beatlephotoblog.com.

“Well, he never shut up. George had a lot to say. Boy, did he have a lot to say. That’s hysterical to me, you know, that he was known as the quiet one. I assume he got that name because the other ones were so much louder. I mean, they were very loud people. [laughs] One time he told me, ‘Me and Olivia had Paul and Linda over the other night, and you would have thought there was a hundred people in the house, it was so loud.’” - Tom Petty, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002 [x]

“Thinking of you all with love. Keep your spirits high. Nice to have you back home again soon. God bless. Love, George and Olivia.” - An international telegram sent to Paul and Linda McCartney at the Okura Hotel, Tokyo, from George and Olivia Harrison, on 21 January 1980 [x]

“There’s always a place in my heart for Paul… and Linda.” - George Harrison, Musician, March 1990 [x]

“Linda will be missed not only by Paul, her children and brother John, but by all of us who knew and loved her. She was a dear person with a passionate love of nature and its creatures and, in her passing, has earned the peace she sought in life. May God bless her.” - George Harrison’s statement in tribute of Linda McCartney, April 1998 [x]


Elwood Engel moved from Ford to Chrysler in late 1961.  At Ford, Engel and his team were responsible for the 1961 Lincoln Continental.  Lincoln was in danger of being dropped like Edsel, but the success of the new Continental saved the marque.  

Although Engel modified designs of previous Chrysler Corporation cars, the 1964 Imperial was the first car Engel completely redesigned for the company.  Even though the 1964 Imperials look completely different from the 1963 models, they share the same body on frame structure and power train. Imperial was a separate Marque of the Chrysler Corporation from model years 1955-1975.  In 1960, Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge and Plymouth all switched to uni-body construction.  Imperial continued using body on frame structure to the end of the 1966 model year.  From 1964-1966 Imperial was available in two models Crown & LeBaron.  1963 was the last year for the lower level Custom model.  

1964 & 1965 Imperials came standard with a 413 CI (6.8 L) V8 with a 4 bbl Carb. In 1966, the bore was increased to become the 440 CI (7.2 L).

Crown Imperial was the designation for ultra exclusive Ghia built limousine during this time period. The Ghia Limousine, assembled in Turin, Italy, cost more than 3 times the other Imperials, often less than a dozen were delivered in any year.

Understanding how today’s conditions are different from the periods of American history that left-liberals like to draw on is extremely important. Victories were delivered in the Reconstruction era (1865-1877), the Progressive era (roughly 1890-1920), the New Deal and WWII (1933-1945), and the Great Society and the Counterculture movements (roughly 1960-1975). Since the emergence of neoliberalism (about 1978,) no major progressive period has emerged that resulted in serious policy wins. The conditions that enabled much of the progress made in the past have disappeared. It’s different this time.