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44 jay park

44. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

Park Jaebum (Jay Park) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 196

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

You heard the familiar footsteps in the hallway.

“Finally,” you thought getting up from the sofa and heading to the door. You noticed him sitting on one of the chairs.

“Jaebum is everything okay?” you approached him. “Are you crying?”

“I don’t know maybe I’m, I don’t even know why I’m crying.”

“Where were you all this time?” you asked him but he stood up and grabbed you by the shoulders.

“Y/N I just realized that the world is a cruel place, that’s why I’m crying!” you sighed.

“How much did you drink? “Probably a lot if you’re becoming so sentimental,” instead of answering he picked you up and spun you around.

“Jaebum, what are you doing? Your mood changes too quickly,” you tried to stop him but he carried you to the sofa and leaned on you.

“I want you,” he said before falling on top of you. You checked to confirm your suspicion and you were correct, he fell asleep.

“And he just goes to sleep after saying something like that? Geez,” you thought to yourself. He wrapped his arms around your body, it seems you will be sleeping on the sofa tonight.

A Taste of Heaven

Relationship: Bucky x Reader

Summary: sometimes getting baked isn’t a bad thing

A/N: written for the lovely @ipaintmelodies (I hope you like this

Warnings: fluff and baking

Words: 1,196

“Natasha?” you called out over the gentle holiday-themed melody humming through the room, your body stayed turned to the nearly prepared cookie batter. The team wasn’t meant to be home for another half hour and they’d discover your surprise if they walked in now to the sweet scent of baking cinnamon and sugar.

Bucky’s gravelly voice answered, wrapping his arms around you, “no such luck.”

“Good, that’s good,” you muttered, trying to walk to the fridge, Bucky’s arm were still securely locked around your waist, “Bucky,” you moaned, “I need chocolate chips.”

“Okay,” he answered simply, starting to walk with you still in his grasp towards the refrigerator. You opened the door, pulling out a package of the chocolate morsels, and then having Bucky lead you back towards the counter.

You quickly opened the package, dumped it into your mixing bowl, and grabbed up the spoon you’d been using to blend the ingredients together.

“Did the mission turn you into a koala?” you giggled when Bucky nestled his face in your neck. He only replied with a little hum and a kiss to your collar bone.

“There’s an easier way to do that,” Bucky purred from his position, after noticing your slight difficulty in combining the thick mixture. His puffs of air tickled the sensitive skin and you shuttered.

“It’s more fun this way, also it puts more love into the cookies,” you mumbled, quoting your mother and high school culinary instructor, and stirring the bowl once more before deciding to dish out the cookies onto the baking sheet, “can you please let go for a second?” you reluctantly sighed, “I need to check the pies.”

Bucky’s grip loosened and he pecked your cheek. He stepped back, giving you room to check the confections, but not far enough to not be able to tug at the strings on your apron. You didn’t understand Bucky’s infatuation with constantly touching you, but you had to admit that you did like it.

Opening the stove unleashed a comforting roll of heat and a mouthwateringly sweet scent. You checked the pies and meticulously placed the cookie sheet in as well when you noticed that all of the items would be finished at the same time.

“I’ve never heard this song before,” Bucky confessed, referring to Wham’s Last Christmas, “I don’t think I’ve heard any of these,” he added sadly.

You quickly turned, typing something into your phone that sat delicately in its dock. You grinned when Irving Berlin’s White Christmas flowed through the speakers. A happy grin grew on Bucky’s face, “you know this one, right?” you asked with mock innocence.

“Of course I do, doll face,” Bucky smirked, pulling you towards him so that you both could gently sway to the music, “this was my jam,” he added with closed eyes and a fist in the air. You gently swatted his chest and laughed.

Silver Bells made its way onto the speaker, you groaned, “I wish it was socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music all year long. It’s just so heartwarming.”

Bucky nodded in agreement and turned to look at the timer on the oven, it showed that only three more minutes remained.

You laid your head on his chest and just listened to rhythmic pumping of his heart to the tune of the song that played, until the oven let out a shrill ‘ding’ to notify you of the finished products.

“C'mon, Buck,” you mumbled from Bucky’s chest when he pulled you closer, “they’ll burn,” you added, receiving no reaction, “you get no pie or cookies,” you finished and barked out a laugh when Bucky let go and shuffled backwards.

You hastily took out the pies and cookies and sat them on cooling racks. Bucky stood back and watched as you worked, he silently admired your diligence. “They’re perfect!” you exclaimed, taking time to admire the apple pie that looked like it came out of Martha Stewart magazine, “I don’t know if I want people to eat these.”

Bucky grinned with a nostalgic look on his face, “it smells like home, like when I was younger. My mom liked baking.”

“I like hearing your stories, they’re cute. You’re so vintage-,”

You were cut off by a shrill scream from Sam, “Hurry up! Y/N is baking, I need in the house!” Loud shuffling was heard and then a group of loud, tall heroes burst through the door, each stopping swiftly right before you.

“Hi,” you greeted lightly to the wide-eyed group.

A few greetings rung out along with Sam’s, “we’re not here for formalities, we’re here because I smelled cookies.” Sam earned a smack to the back of his head from Tony.

“Oh, alright,” you mumbled, stepping away from the baked goods, “go ahead. Be careful, they are still a bit hot.”

Sam walked up first, closely followed by the others, “I love them,” he gasped, grabbing a plate and serving himself. The others repeated his actions with pleasant smiles on their faces.

You heard delighted moans from the group, “do you like them?” you asked, already knowing the answer.

“Mhm, tastes like Buck’s mom used to make,” Steve mumbled after swallowing a forkful of the apple pie, he looked up to Bucky, “don’t let her go,” he added sternly.

“I don’t plan to, Cap,” he replied, resting his head on top of yours, “does it really taste like Mom’s?”

“Almost exactly,” Steve cooed.

Bucky released you and walked over to get his own piece of pie. You watched him intently as he scooped up a bit and popped it in his mouth, he excitedly whined and took another bite.

Your ears picked of the sound of sniffling in Sam’s direction, “buddy, are you okay?” you asked, mildly concerned.

“Yeah, me and my girls just need some time alone,” he blubbered, standing and walking in the direction of his room.

“How’d you do this?” Peter questioned from behind his plate.

“Um, just a talent from my mom, I guess,” you answered, unwilling to go into full detail of your demonic cooking teacher from high school, who drilled the culinary skill into your mind.

“My best girl is the best cook,” Bucky affirmed from behind you, twisting you around to face him and planting chaste kisses to the entirety of your face. Natasha jokingly made gagging noises until he stopped, he gave her a stern look and she laughed at him.

Sam returned solemnly, holding his empty plate in his hands, his eyes raked over the kitchen, locking onto the last piece of the apple pie before looking to you with a hopeful look in his eyes.

“Take it,” you nodded towards the dish.

“Thank you, thank you,” Sam repeated, taking the whole dish and returning to his room.

“I’ll make another,” you promised the remaining Avengers. Bucky smiled gratefully at you and returned to the counter to get part of the pumpkin pie you’d baked.

“I call dibs on it,” Sam screeched loudly from inside inside his room.

You concluded that it’d be an immensely long, confection-filled winter, but at least you’d have your soldier to fall back on, or at least force to cook for you.

Tag list: @ipaintmelodies

Gibbs Prompt Request

This was requested by anon: 110. “You did what?!” with Gibbs? I hope you all enjoy this!

Word Count: 196

Warnings: none

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Gibbs strolled through the bullpen, making his way to his desk.  You could feel the lump in your stomach growing heavier.  Maybe Tony would be wrong.  You didn’t know your decision meant inviting the FBI into the investigation.  You had to tell him before they showed up.  

You slowly walked up to the Marine’s desk.  When he glanced up at you, raising an eyebrow, you moved your gaze to your feet.  “Gibbs, I called the FBI because they have files on the suspect,” you informed him.  “They offered to bring the files and I said yes.”

“You did what?!”  Gibbs’ voice was low, but you could hear the aggravation in his voice.  “The FBI wants in on this case and you just gave them the headway they needed [Y/N].  I hope you like the paperwork that comes along with this.”

“Gibbs I didn’t know,” you mumbled.  “I’m sorry.”

Gibbs let out a sigh, running his hand through his short cropped hair.  “Just don’t do it again,” Gibbs scolded.  “Come to me first.”

You nodded slowly.  You walked back to your desk, feeling defeated and embarrassed.  Hopefully Gibbs would forgive you for the mistake you made.

Tag List: @saranasai, @becauseflife, @profiler-in-training, @haeminhee, @moose-on-the-l00se, @massivelyunsteadyposter, @pocketcow, @jez-zolnierz, @spaceemonkeyyxd, @the-latina-trickster, @holding-on-to-francis, @lizbeth-loves-bobear, @maybe-mikala, @starlight-showers6380, @mija-novella, @trashforwinchesters, @emilyymichelle, @ivvitm1109, @girl-next-door-writes, @flufy07, @gabriels-trix, @captain-amelia-bradley, @21-wolves, @rayleyanns, @myplaceofthingsilove, @mycuddlycorner, @mogaruke, @super–who–locked

counting up to three

for @bloomsoftly

Part 1 is [here], prompted by @alpacamyhedgehog

Pairing:  Darcy Lewis/Pietro Maximoff
Length: 196 words
Prompt: Kindergarten teacher
Tags: No Powers AU, Kindergarten Teacher!Darcy
Warnings:  None

Pietro was nervous.  Nervous about the date.  About taking Darcy out.  

What had started as just an innocent flirtation to make his niece happy had turned into real feelings and a real date in seemingly no time flat.  

And now here he was, waiting outside her door after ringing the doorbell.  It had seemed like ten years had passed since he pushed the button, and he was thinking about pushing again, or just knocking, when the door opened.  

She…she looked amazing.  

She was a knock-out.  

Pietro had noticed that she was attractive before this, obviously.  But seeing her out in a low cut dress and dark eyeliner and cherry red lipstick made him almost do a double take.  

“Wow…” he managed to choke out.  

She smirked and reached for her purse.  “That was definitely the reaction I was looking for…you’re not so bad yourself, Piet.”  She winked and stepped out into the hall.  “Where to?”  

He regained his composure long enough to say the name of the restaurant where he’d gotten reservations.  

Gulping, Pietro offered his arm and Darcy took it.

He was in so far over his head that he was going to need CPR.    

Archer & Sleepy

This was requested by @jonnyarcher! I hope you all enjoy! <3

Word count: 196

Warnings: fluffish

(gif belongs to trekmystars)

Archer had your arm around his shoulders as he led you to his quarters.  The problem with you working in engineering is that Trip worked you as hard as he worked himself.  Archer was proud of the work you did, he only wished you wouldn’t drink cup after cup of coffee.

“Jon, I have to relays to replace,” you mumbled, your words slurring slightly.  “I’ll sleep later.”

“You said that twelve hours ago and you’ve been awake for forty-eight hours,” Archer noted flatly.  “You’re going to get some rest and that’s an order [Y/N].  Trip will be okay without you for at least eight hours.”

As the captain laid you down in bed, Porthos jumped on to the bed and snuggled up to you.  You rested your arm gently across Porthos.  “You’re such a good dog Porthos,” you whispered.  “Jon doesn’t jump on the bed and cuddle me when I’m sleepy.”

Jon huffed out a small laugh.  He stayed until you fell asleep.  He knew you would wake up feeling refreshed and ready to work.  Now all he had to do was get Trip to rest for a few hours.  That was the real challenge.

Tag List: @mija-novella, @trashforwinchesters, @emilyymichelle, @ivvitm1109, @girl-next-door-writes, @flufy07, @gabriels-trix, @captain-amelia-bradley, @21-wolves, @rayleyanns, @myplaceofthingsilove, @mycuddlycorner, @mogaruke , @massivelyunsteadyposter, @of-badges-and-guns, @trekfangirl, @silverwingedfox

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Since you're accepting prompts, can I get a quicktaser with Pietro, please? :)

Pairing: Darcy/Pietro

Word Count: 196

Prompt:  Knock on the door at 2 in the morning

Warnings: None

Tags:  Established relationship

He yawned as he walked to the door, peering out the peep hole and laughing out loud when his suspicions were confirmed.  “Oh Darcy…”  

He opened the door, arching an eyebrow as he took in her nervous stance.  “I gave you a key.”  

“I know…but I didn’t feel right just coming in…”

“But I gave you the key…” he repeated.  “It’s for coming in…” He moved aside while she scurried into his apartment.  

He closed the door behind them.  “I think if you’re coming over for booty calls, you can have a key…”  

“They’re not booty calls…” she said exasperatedly.  “That would have to be our entire relationship and it’s not.”  

“We have a relationship?”  he teased.  

She smacked his arm.  “Of course we do.”  

Reaching for her, he gathered her up in his arms and nuzzling his nose against hers.  “Stay here, then…”  

“I was planning on it…”  

“No…stay…princeza…stay here.  Don’t leave in the morning.  Just stay…”  His lips found hers, kissing her softly, his lips forming words against hers.  “Just stay…”  

“Pietro…” she murmured.  “What are you asking?”  

“Live with me…bring your things and yourself and your life here.”

“Okay…” she said simply.  “Okay.”   

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15 jungkook

I done seent you in my notifs and I just wanna say hello there:D

“Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.”

196 words

The music was loud, the people were drunk, and you were done with everyone and everything in this club. You had been approached by a multitude of men and each one seemed to be worse than the one before them. You were gonna one last shot and leave before someone new appeared before you.

You looked up at the mystery man to find Jungkook towering over you.

“What are you doing here? You don’t usually come to clubs.” he yelled over the music.

“I could ask you the same thing.” you retorted, your words slightly slurred.

“That’s not important. Let’s go okay? You’re drunk.” he said while helping you off of your bar stool. You pulled your arm away, the alcohol messing with your resolve to leave.

“What if I don’t wanna go?” you asked, hands crossed in front of you.

“Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.” he commanded before grabbing your arm again. He couldn’t random guys coming up to you while you were drunk. He had to take you home so you could sober up. Then if you wanted to stay or go, he could agree with you.

High School AU

for anon

Part 1 is [here], prompted by @adawomantium

Characters:  Logan Howlett & Laura Kinney

Length:  196 words

Prompt:  High School AU

Tags:  Domestic, Dad Logan, Teenage!Laura

Warnings: None

“What happened to your hand?”   

Laura flexed her swollen fingers and tugged her sleeve down again.  “Nothing. It’s paint.”  

“Oh, it’s paint…” Logan said, his tone was dry and made it very obvious he didn’t believe her.  But he didn’t press the issue.  

In fact, he took his cues from her and didn’t utter another word until they got home.  She slung her backpack up over her shoulder and slammed the truck door as she walked into the garage and through the backdoor into the kitchen. 

Things were still silent as she took off her shoes and hung her bag on the wall.  

He was rummaging around in the freezer, dropping a zippy bag full of ice on the counter beside her.  “Here.  To get the…paint off?”  

She pressed her lips together, thinking about just retreating upstairs, but her hand really stung.  

Laura took the bag and the dish towel from his outstretched hand, wrapping the bag and pressing it against her sore knuckles.  

“Used to be a..wall painter myself…” Logan drawled, reaching back in the fridge for a soda and sliding it across the table towards her.  “So if you ever need to talk…I’m here.”  

square one

for @deathberryprompts. theme is ‘paradise.’ 196 words. set just after Rukia’s dress fitting. inspired by the character assassination that is the new novel and also by @hashtagartistlife‘s drabble.

It was supposed to be a happy day.

“How did we get here?” Ichigo’s voice is broken. He can’t meet her eyes.

Tension roils about the room, masked by deep melancholy.

Her dress hangs in the corner like a spectre.

“I think I’m the one that should be asking that question.” Rukia’s nails dig into her palm. She turns, her eyes boring into him.

“Goddamn it, Rukia!” He stands in an instant, covering the distance between them in two strides and backs her into the wall.

His grip on her shoulders is searing. Pain shoots through her spine and something inside her snaps. She flips their position and slams him flush against the wall. She leans in close to his face.

“Fuck. You. YOU are the one that left. YOU walked away.” She spits. His face drops. He opens his mouth to speak, but no sound comes out.

She searches his expression, finding it inadequate.

Rukia releases Ichigo with a huff. She turns toward the door. Her voice drops to a hush.

“Who knew paradise would feel like prison.”

She doesn’t spare him a backward glance. This time, Kuchiki Rukia is the one who walks away.

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Do you have any Valentine's Day fics? Either pairing. Thank you (:

Valentine’s Day fics

Hey, Hopefully these include at least some valenines day vibes, also sorry for the lateness, I hope you enjoy these nontheless! 


It’s No Secret (That He Likes You) (PG, 2 100 words)

Jared has a secret admirer at the office and he’s determined to find out who it is.

backfired plans ( PG, 300 words)

Jensen plans something but it doesn’t pan out like he thought it would.

For My Valentine… (R, 1 500 words)

It’s Valentine’s Day and Jared’s had some bad luck in his relationship.

Just Keep Following the Heartlines on Your Hand (PG, 2 984 words)

“We should watch your Valentine movie then,” Jared remarks sweetly. He’s not all that surprised when Jensen’s coat lands on his head with a heavy clunk, sending him nearly backward. 


i am never without it (NC-17, 7 800 words)

Dean figures out that Sam was taking him literally. He tries to fix it, in his own way. 

in this change sought our bliss (R, 1 235 words)

Dean gives Sam something he’s made. Sam gives Dean something he’s kept for a long time.

Be Mine (PG-13, 1 500 words)

Dean didn’t even realize he was doing it. Really. The whole heart thing was totally not a thing.


Be My Valentine (Explicit, 8 277 words)

Every guy should get the chance to go to a formal dance at least once in his life.

Better Than Porn (G, 1 196 words)

It’s Valentines day, and Sammy’s got a present for Dean.

The World According to Sammy Winchester: Red Is for Love (G, 800 words)

“Dean, Dean, look!” Sammy says excitedly, waving something pink and red in Dean’s face. 

Your dream stinks

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Words: 196

So viria mentioned Tsukki secretly watching disney movies and listening to songs in secret … and this happened.

If there had ever been a chance, this was it. This was the ultimate chance.
Hinata had just recently gotten into an argument with Kageyama which type of music Tsukishima listened to, and he was absolutely convinced it had to be some kind of fast and loud metal. Nothing suited Tsukishima’s bad personality better than that type of music!
But Kageyama thought differently, and now that Tsukishima’s headphones were just lying there, the low buzz of unrecognizable music emitting from them after Daichi-san had called Tsukishima over with a voice that left no room for argument, or any hesitation - it was Hinata’s chance to prove Kageyama wrong!
In a split second decision, Hinata picked up the headphones and pressed the outside of one of them to his right ear - he’d just need to get a glimpse of the music -
“I have a dream … I have a dream! I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam! And with every passing hour, I’m so glad I left my to-”
Hinata dropped the headphones as if they had burned his hands and pressed his palms over his mouth to keep his laughter in.