Thinking about @mmguitarbar’s ‘59 Jazzmaster ('61 neck) refinished by Danocaster. Such a lovely beast. Thanks to @bkguitars for sending this one to us last year. #guitar #fender #fenderguitars #fenderjazzmaster #jazzmaster #vintage #vintageguitar #seattle #offsetguitars #sunburst #goldguard #gg #1959 #1961 (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

The abundantly kind and always entertaining Bill Frisell stopped by the shop today for a sort of Pepsi Challenge (Coke 4 lyfe) pitting his lovely Olympic White 1960 Jazzmaster (refinished by JW Black) against our 1959 gold guard Jazzmaster (refinished by Danocaster) to see which one better suits his needs. You see, although these two guitars are very close in year, there exists a disparity between the size and shape of the two necks, particularly at the first fret. As you can see, the white neck is much thinner than the sunburst, which Bill tends to find a challenge to play when switching from his other guitars. He loves the neck shape on the sunburst model, but he’s also partial to the sound of the white ‘60. Where will he land? Probably on the side of prudence; he has a good head on his shoulders. #guitar #vintageguitar #vintageguitar #jazzmaster #fender #fenderjazzmaster #1959 #1960 #billfrisell #pepsichallenge #neck #sunburst #white #tort #masterybridge #seattle #guitarstore #mmguitarbar #guitartech #specs #wild (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

I realize that it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted hi-res photos of the gear we’ve had come through the shop, and I’m sorry. Words cannot express just how busy it’s been, which is a good problem to have. Still, I regret that our tumblr has, over the last few months, been dominated by IG posts. Now that things are slowing down just a bit (in some ways more than others) I’m going to try to keep up, starting with this shot of the dreamiest foursome I ever did lay eyes on. 

L-R: ‘58, '59, '60, '61. We have here lovely examples from the first four years of Jazzmaster production, and each guitar is an excellent player with a lovely tone. Each one is unique in both feel and flavor, from the '58’s burly-but-brisk personality to the '61’s loud, clear tone. To be sure, they are all incredible instruments, and any of us would be lucky to have them.

Now, it’s no secret that the beat-up 1960 is easily my favorite, but having spent plenty of time with each of these instruments, it’s enjoyable for me to know exactly why I like it more than, say, the '59 to its left. Partly, it’s the feel of the neck, being slightly wider but well-worn than the '59, and while the neck shape is comparable to all of these years, it starts out thin and gets positively chunky as you move up. The pickups are slightly louder with a positively thick low-mid bent. There’s the played-in fretboard and the allure of a finish that’s been played hard but well-loved all the same. Ugh, and that tort… although I will concede that the '59 has an incredible guard as well. I know it’s a largely unquantifiable metric, why one guitar speaks to a player more than others, but that one… that’s the guitar that keeps me up at night. And it has––not simply a cliche here!

The '59 is sold at this point, and the '60 and '61 are spoken for; I’m actually surprised the '58 has stuck around as long as it has, but hey! More private time for me! I hope I don’t mean to brag, but this is easily one of my most favorite parts of the job.

That '58 is a serious piece. Whoever gets that one might never need another guitar again. I’m telling you: decades-old ash is a force of nature.

THIS JUST IN!!! Saturday starts off with a big score: this 1959 Fender Jazzmaster refinished in white pearl! Oh man, this thing is not only in great shape, it’s also an amazing player. Currently, the guitar has Grover tuners, which we’ll be replacing with a proper set of Kluson-style tuners. The bridge pickup is a Duncan Antiquity, but the original was in the case! We’re having that one rewound and then she’ll be right as rain. Lovely tort, too. Keep an eye out for this one! If only I had the money… #guitar #vintage #fender #jazzmaster #offsetguitars #1959 #white #seattle #wowzers (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)