What you should/shouldn’t do in different famdoms

Johnlock; K/S: Be respectful. They are the Grandparents of shipping!

TJLC: Don’t mess with them. They are waiting for 130 years!

Bagginshield; Nezushi: You should whisper and only move on your tiptoes. They are still crying

Victuri: Don’t tell them it wasn’t a kiss. Talk with them about the pair skating instead

Malec: Talk about about adoption and cat-eyes. Don’t talk with them about aging

Hannigram: Being bloody and really sexual is okay. But fluff is also welcome

Stucky: Don’t talk with them about the ending scene of Civil War. Talk with them about the elevator scene instead

Jisbon: Talk with them about the tea-cup.

Joanlock: Don’t tell them they aren’t part of the Johnlock-universe. They will be really angry about that

Spones: Call them Mccock. They will be okay with that

Stormpilot: Sit down and wait for the Episode VIII-trailer with them.

Ten/Rose: Don’t talk about Doomsday! Just don’t!

Destiel: Don’t hurt their little gay baby angle!