Al Moore - February 1951 Esquire Magazine Gatefold - “The Last Musketeer” -

"Like Porthos, Athos, Aramis,
Living a life of darling,
She’s plumed and booted, ideally suited
For Everything she’s wearing.

She’s the last of the Musketeers -
D’Artagnan’s on the shelf.
But this girl of your schemes had diamond dreams:
She’s all for one - herself!

Contrary to Alex Dumas,
She hasn’t used her sword of yet.
By blinking her eye’s she slays fifty guys:
She’s one for all - she can get!”

A beautiful illustration from Esquire to say farewell to the month of February.


James Hanson about Audrey:

"The great thing about Audrey was her international ability. She spoke many different languages. Once I went with her to see my parents, who had an apartment in the Ritz Tower at Fifty-seventh and Park when they were in America. We were going up in the lift with two women. You know how older women sometimes look down their nose at a young beauty? Well, they were talking in Dutch about her, assuming that nobody else in the world, let alone in the elevator, would speak Dutch. Audrey looked at me and gave me a wink. We didn’t say a word to each other, but just before we got out, she rattled a stream of Dutch at me as if I was just as much a native speaker as she. They had been talking about her in a rather bitchy way, and they were in shock as we got out. She was very amusing and very good at that sort of thing."