Doris Gibson (1910-2008)

Art by Sarlett (tumblr)

Born to an English/German family in Peru, Doris founded the Peruvians news magazine Caretas in 1950.  The controversial magazine was repeatedly shut down by Peru’s government, but Doris always found a way to resume publication.  In the 1980s and 2000s, the government lauded Caretas for its tenacity under past regimes.  The magazine is still published today.  In their obituary for her, the BBC  called Doris “a visionary who influenced the course of Peru’s recent history through the brave and defiant reporting of the magazine she created.”


Air Step Shoes by Dave Fey

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<br />A beautiful old ad from Brown Shoe, St. Louis. Several of my friends work at Brown Shoe or whatever it’s called these days. LIFE Magazine, September 25, 1950.