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Dear Carl and Ted: Will we ever get to see what you look like? And if not, who do you two look most like from the show?

Carl the Animator: “As a matter of fact, guess what I just got commissioned.”

Ted the Animator: “…ohhhh?”

Carl the Animator: “Turns out, Colin’s sister Lydia is quite the artist, in addition to being a graphic designer. And English teacher. And international spy, prolly.” 

Ted the Animator: “And you commissioned her to draw us?”

Carl the Animator: “Yup, and check out these freakin’ amazing renditions.

Ted the Animator: “That… that’s bloody incre– wait, ‘Teddy Boy?!’

Carl the Animator: “I know, right? That should totally be your nickn–”

Ted the Animator: “No! No. No. No no no.”

Carl the Animator: “Fiiiiine.”

Ted the Animator: “…that said, though, dang I’m handsome. I look like I should be advertising watches in a 1950s magazine.”

Carl the Animator: “Uh-huh! And she drew my lab coat and everything.”

Ted the Animator: “Hey, wait, you have been wearing a lab coat today. What’s that all about?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, Lydia had – as it turns out– always pictured us as wearing lab coats like scientists. Despite our extreme non-scientific-ness.”

Ted the Animator: “…but you’ve been wearing one today.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, because it’s freakin’ awesome and I’m totally wearing a lab coat from now on.”

Ted the Animator: “Are you seriously making a long-term fashion decision based off of a sleep-deprived sister picturing you weirdl–”

Carl the Animator:Yes. Definitely.”

Ted the Animator: “…never change, Carl. Never change.”

(Ps. You can follow Lydia’s adventures on Instagram, and even check out some bright and sassy designs via her Redbubble page!)


Husqvarna bicycles ad with Tage Severin, 1959 by negative four

From Hela Världen nr 23 1959.