1950s portlandstuck au


My WIP photoset for my cosplay as 1950’s me, from the 1950’s North Dakotan Coal Mining Portlandstuck AU, where I am a coal miner, Michael is my beatnik son, and Hanna is my wife (she’s still a lesbian in this AU - it leads to DRAMA and PROBLEMS).

I’m rocking a really cheap creme/off-white shirt (when you feel it in person you get how shitty it is), some vest, an old drab grey jacket, and this tie with fucking wheat all over it. Also, Michael’s glasses.

I was too lazy to put on my crummy black slacks and I haven’t found good shoes yet, but it’s coming together, and I have plenty of time since we’re going to be rocking this at the Portlandstuck Winter Formal! Blooper may or may not be coming as one of the town prostitutes - the town is almost entirely either coal miners or prostitutes, with a few greasers thrown in. And Michael.