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what are ur characters education levels? I saw the as about your college.

Thank you for the Ask! I’ll do my main ones.

In the Main AU - Rico, Mitabi, Anka, and Gustav all have Master’s degrees along with whatever licenses they need to practice in their careers. Ian has a bachelor’s degree along with his teaching license and is working on his Master’s degree. Petra and Auruo are both Doctors of Veterinary Medicine.

1950s AU - Rico has a bachelor’s degree (99% sure of this. Need to do a little more research on nursing education in the 40s/50s). Erwin starts out with a bachelor’s degree and works his way to his Ph.D. 

Hanrico AU - Both are medical doctors.  

more kaz headcanons bc I got him on the brain

  • the sunglasses started because there used to be a lot of cheap sunglasses stands that the americans bought from regularly to keep the glare from the sea at bay. kaz bought a pair to somehow see the world like they did. maybe even like his dad did.
  • it didn’t help on that front, but he discovered he gets less headaches this way (he gets migraines triggered by bright lights and did not know regular crippling headaches were avoidable because 1950s medicine), so he kept wearing sunglasses.
  • the shop was right by a traintrack, hence his thing for train sounds and general train nerdery
  • he’s been humming songs he made up since he was a little kid, but they’re all off-key so people generally wish he would stop. it’s not until he actually gets a guitar in his hands during his college days in america that he realizes he’s any good at it.
  • he promptly uses said guitar talent to be a fuckboy. girls like him here in america because he’s hot and exotic and that puts some kind of bandaid on his cultural conflict issues (yeah sure he’s an outsider that doesn’t belong anywhere, but people think he’s sexually attractive because of it, so it’s okay), so he immediately becomes an american-style fuckboy. also, girls are great.
  • so are guys but he keeps that one to a minimum and on the DL because it’s illegal and its not that hard to restrict himself to only fishing in one half of the sea.
  • his entire college career was half 4.0 business student, half fuckboy. he was that guy who managed to get totally smashed all weekend, pull an all-nighter, and score a perfect exam grade. he didn’t do much sleeping.
  • he tries being unapologetically out as bi to his JSDF unit, where it is a total trainwreck and gives everyone yet another reason to ostracize him. three separate dudes still slink up to him in private to ask for sexual favors and at first he’s like seriously. are you serious, you gave me shit in front of everyone for that and now you want a bj? but he eventually breaks down and his JSDF unit has some secret MSM shit going on.
  • so by the time he gets to motherbase he’s just like. i have finally found people who don’t care where i come from and accept me, i am not giving them another way to reject me. so he plays aggressively straight, which is not that hard because he does genuinely like girls a lot.
  • when he does eventually hook up with boss a dude, he ends up shielding himself from rejection with aggression instead of trying to hide it, in the general attitude of FUCK OFF, I’M YOUR COMMANDER, I NAILED A DUDE, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TO ABOUT IT?! except all he does is bristle when people stare at him after he grabs his current LI’s ass. all the men are too afraid/respectful of him and boss to say much of anything.
  • eventually everyone just gets used to it and kaz is so, so relieved.
  • by the time diamond dogs comes around, kaz literally no longer gives a shit about anything at all, including what anyone thinks about him being into dudes. if they have a problem with serving under a bi dude, they can jump into the sea and swim to shore for all he cares.
  • this attitude persists for the rest of his life because he accepts that he’ll never really belong anywhere now that his dream is dead.

“Nurses in the Army” from THE BIG PICTURE for International Nurses Day:

Americans are well aware of the great and heroic achievements of United States Army nurses. In World War II and during the Korean War, the Army nurse went through great hardship in performance of her duty – the same dangers endured by the troops which she accompanied into combat. But relatively little has been reported of the Army nurse in peacetime. Yet, she still serves – not only in the States – but all over the world. THE BIG PICTURE gives television audiences some impression of the work of an Army nurse overseas. Not only her work will be shown, but how she spends her leisure time and sometimes what she thinks and feels.

“Nurses in the Army” from the series: Motion Picture Films From “The Big Picture” Television Program Series, ca. 1950 - ca. 1975

International Nurses Day is observed on May 12 in honor of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale’s birthday (5/12/1820 - 8/13/1910).