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Overhead view of a golfer approaching a woman in a 1959 Mercury Monterey convertible. Park bench and golf clubs on side of road. Label on sleeve: “Ford Motor Co., Mercury convertible, 1959.”

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Could you tell more about the affair between Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford??

I’m only to page 120 pages so far but I already did my research and read already so much so I’m ready to answer this ask! Yay!!!

Well, Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth met on the set of their first film of “The Lady In Question(1940)” and they became instant friends, this is so cute bc before he was signed to Columbia, Glenn worked in theatre and in blue collar jobs. So Glenn asked her one day, “Do you remember a time the Cansinos were going to perform on that gambling boat,the SS Rex many years ago? It anchored off the coast of Santa Monica bay. You were all dressed up in your costumes and you took the Venice tram down to board the water taxi?” Rita answered, “Oh yes, I remember that night. Why? Did you see us perform?” Glenn replied, “No, but the young man who drove the tram that took you to the water taxi was me.” Which makes me wanna die. Anyways, started as friends. They reunited after 5 years. In 5 years, Glenn was training at the Coast Guard and the Marines in the war(which he also side commented he kept seeing Rita in ‘sexy pinup poses in slinky leisure’ like where u going w this boi),got married with Eleanor Powell,had a son and got flashed by Bette Davis,in which he rejected her bc he was married. For Rita, she got married to Orson Welles,had a daughter and became a larger name of herself due to pinup photography and a couple assigned films she starred in. After filming “A Stolen Life” with Bette, he was assigned to film “Gilda(1946)” WHICH WE ALL KNOW VERY WELL!! According to the book and many other resources, being married to Orson Welles was not very good as Orson was more committed to his career 24/7 and having multiple affairs of his own, leaving a small amount of time for her and their daughter. Marriage, in my opinion, is an equal responsibility and a majority of marriages that don’t work out is understandable because even past being 18, people grow up; they go through phases,they learn from previous mistakes and grow to different people daily. I think this applies to both Rita and Orson and Glenn and Eleanor. You cannot force somebody to stay the person you married 7 years ago, the human conscious is supposed to grow and change. As I was saying,according to Glenn’s diary, they bonded once more over the things they did over the 5 years and mainly over their children and being a parent. Also according to his diary, Rita was very hurt by Orson by his actions, with multiple fights,multiple separations and multiple reunions. She needed a friend and most importantly, she needed comfort and protection. Stated by Peter Ford, “Glenn Ford would be one of the few men in Rita’s life with whom she retained a lifelong intimate friendship, a person she could trust and love without disappointment on either side.”

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It was a vulnerable time for her that she would walk on set near the verge of tears and this friendship with Glenn would deepen as she turned to him for understanding and sympathy. Sure, Glenn rejected Bette Davis bc he was married but “in the embrace of Rita Hayworth his resolve weakened.” Rita was vulnerable and starved for affection and Glenn felt protective toward her. Glenn would later say, “You couldn’t help but fall in love with Rita. She was such a lovely person but so miserable. I lent a sympathetic ear,she trusted me because she knew I cared for her and wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. You wanted to do whatever you could to make her less unhappy.” This says a lot, as somebody who has trust issues, trusting somebody is a very big move because they could leave you or hurt you and not care and Glenn had that trust and never hurt her and instead cared for her,was there and protected her. I think this definitely from their friendship because that’s where the biggest level of trust is grown in. They always say within relationships is to always marry your best friend and I haunt myself everyday wondering what if they got married. As I was saying, on set it became obvious they were being intimate and in love,especially according to Rita’s stand in (Glenn’s friend from the theatre days named Grace Godino), “Glenn and Rita fell in love, you could tell it in the way they looked at one another. But this was a different era and people were much more discreet about such things. But we could see the sparks were there.” For anybody who has seen Gilda or any of their other films together (maybe not as much as lady in question but then again they were extremely young kids), you can feel and see the sparks flying today. I remember watching Gilda at 2 am, really excited and seduced by what i was watching, even with heavy eyes begging for sleep. But I really stopped and wondered, “Yeah they have hot chemistry…But it feels a little bit too real.” The my gut feeling(or what i call, the force) was telling me something was up watching them, the way he looked at her and the way she looked at him. And bitch, I was right! Anyways, by the end of filming Gilda, they both understood their obligations of each of their marriages and their responsibilities of it to handle themselves and decided to be friends again. However, a year later (probably making the lady from Shangai bc I know they b fighting a lot and the film really made the marriage end finally), Orson Welles found out about their affair and came in his driveway one night. Drunk, with a bottle of liquor holding a gun shouting for Glenn to come out and tell him where his wife was. Eleanor called the police but he was gone and found out this way he cheated on her. Instead of confronting the matter of the truth from Glenn and ending the marriage, she passed the thought and remained herself as part of Hollywood’s happiest couples. Imma be real now. I like Eleanor as a professional, I like Fred Astaire,Gene Kelly,Cyd Charisse and others. Personally, she got some problems i don’t agree with and don’t like. I used to be a dancer for 10 years myself. It is no excuse for Eleanor to dismiss Glenn cheating on her. I do feel a bit for Eleanor. A lot more for the civilian women outside the entertainment industry in this time, believing the nonstop propaganda the media was teaching them and the changing challenge of further education on women and the limitations and discrimination against civilian women. But Eleanor herself had decided herself to quit her high paying job to be a housewife,nobody ever forced her, Glenn was even ok with her working again to pay the bills and by the responsibility of a marriage, she still decided to ignore that responsibility. Hollywood couples could divorce, it happened and I was raised no matter what, if that person is cheating on you, end the relationship. Even if you have a child,many people divorce and still raise the child on equal standards. She was older than Glenn and yet acted like she was younger than him,thinking if she ignores responsibilities and problems instead of facing them, they’ll go away. Where was I going with this? I’m going to move on because they divorced anyway and Eleanor doesn’t have anything to do with their 40 year relationship.

The next inclusion of their affair was again united to film “The loves of Carmen(1948)” right after Rita and Orson Welles’ marriage was finally over. As far as Rita was concerned, there was no looking back. Very quickly, the intimate affair that was sweetly laid to rest after Gilda was brought back to life fully as she turned to her co-star for support and comfort. Rita understood Glenn’s marriage situation and would say, “Im no homewrecker” and try maintaining her distance from Eleanor. To the public, they were just two close friends keeping each other company in this distant location shooting. However, “during an evening of unguarded passion between Glenn and Rita, she became pregnant.” By the time Rita found out, filming had ended and they had gone back to their separate lives. She took a long vacation for Europe with a friend with a visit to the American hospital in France and when she returned, she was no longer “with child”. Glenn would learn about the baby years later and would speak of it with great sadness but did not ruin nor challenge their relationship together. 4 years after, they would be reunited again together. During the 4 years apart, Rita was along her European “adventure” and marriage to Prince Aly Kahn that led to having another daughter named Yasmin,with occasional postcards with brief holiday and birthday greetings signed “M” for Margarita (which makes me think Glenn called her that in private like time to seek salvation from the Lord above me). Also a couple of letters with more longer heartfelt messages to him (Peter, one of these days you needa release these damn letters to the press or something boo) with a line of “Glenn, I always know you are there for me when I need you.” Outside the letters, her life turned to travel and empty socializing and she felt increasingly anxious, bored and lonely once again. One late night, Glenn got a call from Rita long distance in tears telling how unstable her marriage was as Glenn tried consoling her over the phone and Rita decided to return to Hollywood again.

So. Harry Cohn had purchased the rights of the controversial novel of “From Here to Eternity” by James Jones. Yeah let that settle in your head. Cohn was sure to get a good script and casting Glenn as sergeant Warden and commander wife Karen Holmes(later to be Burt and Deborah,yeah take some time to close your eyes and take it in), as it was clear it would be a good match for them together once more. But an unfortunate incident of a producer’s death left the project abandoned and when it did start filming much later, it would cast Burt lancaster and Deborah Kerr. Oh, what might’ve been! After filming The Green Glove, he returned home to the knowledge of Rita staying at the Beverly hills Hotel only 3 blocks from his home and Peter writes one sentence saying “He was anxious to see her again.” Out of all the hotels in Hollywood, of course she takes a hotel room walking distance from him. I need a moment to even process this. One month later (of a great reunion with Rita), they were set to film “Affair in Trinidad(1952)” and almost everybody agreed the script wasn’t its greatest. Although, I admit seeing the film I don’t think its bad it’s just the plot was driving a good pace and somehow its last minutes it decided to speed over 90 miles an hour in a surbuban neighborhood before coming to a subtle stop. In his journals, Glenn would document their close contact again once again but would comment on her depression changing her, “she was still beautiful,still a marvelous girl, but the flame did not burn as bright. There was a tiredness about her now,a sadness in her eyes. She was unhappy a lot of the time. Those of us who loved her tried to bring her out of it but without a lot of success.” In reflection of these times, Glenn and others would agree her depression in these years would be linked to her Alzheimer’s she died of decades later.

In 1960,when Glenn was single,Rita and her husband ironically bought the 2 blocks Glenn would walk from his house to Beverly hills Hotel to visit Rita earlier as Rita thought it was a fine idea to having him live next door and made a portion of her property available to him: 2/3rds of an acre of land for him. He used this new property with his previous property to make new updates and new construction with him and his architects such as; a projection room,pool room,guest suite,a huge bar,a garden full of fruit trees,a large master bedroom suite with a massive stone fireplace,a two hundred square foot dressing room and a bathroom of a deep japanese tub and steam shower. 3 months later designing his “bachelor pad”, Rita divorced her fifth and last husband and in a short time, Glenn made… The Tunnel.

Ok i know this shit long af bc I’m including everything thank u anon. With the permission of Rita, beyond the pool and partially hidden by surrounding rose bushes Glenn built a secret gateway that Peter would later account turned into a tunnel. A secret tunnel to the property of his neighbor so they could talk,visit and burrow into each others lives again without fuss and with complete discretion from the world. In the structure of the tunnel I still need to read into the book for and cry in my sleep but Peter details Glenn made a ceiling of chicken wire (the stuff u make chicken coops out of if u havent been around chicken farms) into a tunnel shape since an incident when Rita brought champagne and opened it and the cork burst through the air. She was in need of my father again to share her grief with him and in need of his comfort and protection again. Oddly and sadly, Peter would compare Glenn’s sacrifice of himself to make Rita happy to her other husbands but ain’t none of her husbands built her a tunnel so i guess Peter tryna hint Glenn was better than all her husbands. Their great relationship as a whole survived all of Glenn and Rita’s other relationships and would be so close and casual, he would come home to find her at his bar or by the pool sunbathing. He understood what moods and troubles were on her mind right away, in need for somebody to talk to her or in need of her own solitude and his home was always an escape for her. They’d go out to dinner sometimes or premieres and events together and always remained in touch. (I even found an interview here how Glenn used to call her darling and my love on the phone)

In 1979, Rita sold her house next door and later moved with her daughter Yasmin’s apartment in New York. Glenn would keep contact with Yasmin about her condition, understanding her state of disease later named Alzheimer’s and knew she wasn’t the same. Rita’s house was torn down as was the tunnel and Glenn put a little gate in the empty space. Glenn would sometimes sit outside the pool,smoking his cigars,look into the distance and muse about his beautiful friend,the visits they had,the times they spent together for decades and the woman he loved very much. Glenn Ford was one of the pallbearers at Rita’s funeral where he said, “I lost my bestest friend.”

In a 2004 interview with Peter on his side, Glenn would say he kept Rita’s autographed picture in his room and have a red rose put in a glass next to it everyday. I remember seeing the photo where it said, “To my love Glenn, with lots of love, Rita” ok im sorry but I cant read the photo’s writing I can’t even read my writing I’m trying to translate and this what I got and finally in the corner, “From 1941, next and next….”

This took me 4 hours to do and if anybody actually knows the clear translation, please let me know in my inbox because I even wanna know myself. I watched 2 movies answering this, I just found out about Rita moving next to him and offering him property and now I’m gonna cry more. Here you go,anon and to everybody else! Any questions or discussions or even to cry about them, my inbox is here!


Cars of 1958 Part II:

After WWII auto manufacturers were scrambling to fill the demand for new cars, since auto production had stopped early in 1942.  Early in the 1950’s a price war between Chevrolet and Ford started to squeeze out the independent car companies.  Nash & Hudson merged to form American Motors Corporation and Studebaker & Packard merged into one company.

The sellers market had dried up by the mid-fifties and an economic downturn in 1958, that became known as the Eisenhower Recession, hit the automotive market hard.  The recently expanding middle price car territory took the biggest hit, effecting Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Dodge, Chrysler, Mercury.  It was a fatal blow for DeSoto and  Ford’s new entry into the field the Edsel.

The period did produce some of the most extravagant and glitzy cars ever produced.  If you want to see more cars from 1958, click the link below: