1950s for sale

This 1950s kitchen was locked and never used since it was built

I’m a big fan of midcentury-modern decor, and while I’m not so sure about the pink color in this kitchen, it’s amazing to see what’s essentially a decorator’s time capsule.  

Furniture designer Nathan Chandler purchased a house in 2010 that had been locked and unloved in since it was built in 1956.  What he found inside is the most perfect 1950s kitchen I’ve ever seen.

Check out these light fixtures:

And this cabinet hardware:

The stovetop even matches the weird pink color of the countertops.

Push-button controls!

This is the refrigerator:

This is the oven:

…complete with the original owner’s manual:

This is the dishwasher:

You load it from the top:

The house and its perfect 1950s kitchen are currently for sale.

Whose bright idea...?

This is a PEZ candy dispenser from the 1950s…

It was withdrawn from sale because its use as suggested by the packaging…

…involved a potential choking hazard.

This is not a PEZ candy dispenser from the 1960s…

But this is…

It too was withdrawn from sale because of a potential choking hazard.

I couldn’t find any reference to the other potential hazard - finding and playing with Daddy’s own PEZ dispenser, the one he kept locked in the nightstand drawer until the day he forgot…

Somebody in the PEZ design office looked at that Candy Shooter™, saw nothing wrong about gun + kid + mouth + pull trigger and cleared it for production.

Of course some other bright spark clearly had the same mental disconnect when they greenlit this…

Boomstick then broomstick. One thoughtless and loaded with potential tragedy, the other hilarious and loaded with double entendres.

Of course the Nimbus thing was quickly pulled… Rapidly withdrawn… Sheesh, avoiding entendres is harder than…

It was taken off the shelves, OK?

But did it have a legal disclaimer? “Warning: Not A Flying Toy. Do not jump from elevated locations while riding it.

A necessary precaution surely, for when some youngster with a trusting belief in what they saw on-screen wound up more Tarmacadum Splattova than Wingardium Leviosa.

Older kids, if deleted Amazon reviews were accurate, were indoors and busy looking for new batteries.

But at least they weren’t running the risk of a 7.65mm hard candy surprise.