1950s engagement

Frank Sinatra is photographed by friend Jimmy Van Heusen in Tossa de Mar, Spain during the filming of Ava Gardner’s film Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, May 1950. Sinatra cancelled an engagement to perform at Chicago’s Chez Paree to make the trip. He and Gardner’s relationship had turned even more tumultuous at this time, with rumors of an affair between Ava and costar Mario Cabre. Sinatra said of the period:

“I first met Ava in the early 1940s and when I saw her a few years later I thought, this was not the young little girl from Carolina at the studio, this was a woman who was glorious. At the start of the relationship we were really deeply in love; almost too much in love. Ava was working at Metro doing a picture here, a picture there, and then came a job to do a picture in Spain. Things all of a sudden didn’t fall into place. This was a turmoil that the whole world knew about, and I was chasing her around the world and I was borrowing money to go visit with her. I was broke…all the guys who made hundreds of thousands of dollars with me never called and said ‘What can we do for you, do you need any money?’ At that point I had nobody, the only guy I could talk to was Jimmy Van Heusen and he’d give me a few dollars for my pocket.”