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To Lean or Not to Lean..

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Rest in Peace, Elvis Aaron Presley ♛ Jan. 8, 1935 – Aug. 16, 1977.

I’ve never had a singing lesson in my life. No music lesson of any kind, in fact. I just started singing when I was a little kid […] and I’ve been doing it ever since. I was 11 years old when I went in front of a real audience for the first time. It was at a fairground in the town I was born, Tupelo, Mississippi. I was shaking like a leaf, but I’d set my heart on singing, and nothing in this world could have stopped me from going ahead and entering the talent contest at the fair. I did it all on my own, and I didn’t have any idea what I was going to do once I got out there in front of all those people. All I had in my head was the idea that I was going to sing. – Elvis Presley, 1956.

This Generation: *helps the legalization LGBTQIA+ marriage, actually gives a shit about modern racism instead of brushing it under the rug, accepts each other regardless of gender identity, sexuality, religion, etc., promotes body positivity more than ever before, advocates for the rights of women, and is considered to be way more liberal than previous generations*

Last Generation: ugh, this generation is so shallow! Kids these days don’t care about anyone but themselves and their phones! They play on their devices all day without making any difference in the world! So lazy and selfish!

  • Aries: 1970s Punk
  • Taurus: 1950s Rockabilly
  • Gemini: 1920s Flapper
  • Cancer: 1950s Beatnik
  • Leo: 1970s Glam Rock
  • Virgo: 1960s Mod
  • Libra: 1970s Disco
  • Scorpio: 1980s Goth
  • Sagittarius: 1990s Grunge
  • Capricorn: 1940s Hipster
  • Aquarius: 1910s Bohemianism
  • Pisces: 1960s Hippie

Audrey Hepburn May 4, 1929 - Jan 20, 1993

“I came out of the war thankful to be alive, aware that human relationships are the most important thing of all–far more than wealth, food, luxury, careers, or anything you can mention.” - Audrey Hepburn

“She had her own personal style.  She was not created by a studio.  She didn’t need to be created.  She simply was.” -Linda McEwen

She had a quality no other actress had: a curious combination of lady and pixie.  She was a joy to work with–enormous talent and no ego.” - Sidney Sheldon

What is needed in order to really become a star is an extra element which God gives you or doesn’t give you.  You’re born with it.  You cannot learn it.  God kissed Audrey Hepburn on the cheek and there she was.” - Billy Wilder