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aleatoirex  asked:

Hi there. I noticed you have button bouquets on your blog that you made. Just wondering, did you use spherical florist foam to make these? I'm looking to make some for my own wedding and just not sure where to start! Thanks :) xx

Hey hey!

I did make them, all of them, because I went DIY crazy for this wedding.

It’s been about 2 years since then so my memory is hazy on the exact steps. My mother in law figured out how to do them. Shout out to Anita Mom! (She also made my dress.)
I did not use florist foam to form the half dome. I think I toyed with the idea but ended up just making MORE cheapo button flowers to fill in the gaps. (THESE SUCKERS ARE HEAVY.)

First I found as many buttons as i could, with the help of family and friends.
I bought packs and pack of cheap buttons to make filler flowers and back the nice buttons. A big problem was finding a lot of yellow buttons in bulk (which is why the maid of honors bouquet is more orange than yellow.) Also a big problem was finding off white buttons. White you can find all over the place, off-white is was proving difficult. I ended up buying some peach colored buttons that I thought looked awesome and mixed them in with creme, off-white and a few white. I also bought a few more expensive cute buttons and even brooches and rings that I gutted for bouquets. (My Mother in Law found a bunch of the pretty pearl and rhinestone ones for me. She is a godsend.)

Next you organize your buttons. I made organized stacks of potential flower sets. Mixing it up every so often. (Pretty buttons always went on top.)

One you have stacks then you need wire! We figured out the exact length we wanted, added a bit more length to compensate for the twist, measured that length, double that length and then cut the piece. Then keep cutting until you go crazy. I went through lots of wire. Silver for the bridesmaids, copper and gold for me.
A trick to make the wire cutting less annoying was I took the measurement of the length of the stem and cut out a thick cardboard, the wrapped the wire around the cardboard until it was gone. Then I cut ONE SIDE and bam. Tons of wire in a few quick snips.

You thread the wire through the stack of buttons, and then down, even out the wire ends, and twist. (You can kinda see the twisty wire here.) Your hands will go numb after a while.

You can see the lack of foam here. Just tons and tons of wire.

I organized the bouquet in a glass cup until I liked the look of everything. Then I wrapped some wire around to keep it in place. To hide all of this I glued floral ribbon very tightly around the wire. (First on the bottom to cover up the sharp wires and then around the bulk of the stems to create a good handle and to keep everything together.

Mine is wrapped in cheap ribbon and then wrapped in a silk fabric. :)

Doodle a small, quick example because sometimes words fail me.

Good luck! Let me know if you need any more info. I think this covers it. XD

p.s. the bridesmaids (with the exception of the Maid of Honor) all made their dresses, aren’t they adorable?


A few of my favourite wedding photos. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from. The day was amazing, I couldn’t stop smiling and my dress and shoes made me feel so stunning.

My favourite thing was how I had no idea how everything would really pull together on the day, organising a wedding can feel so fragmented, but seeing it all and actually pulling it all off felt incredible! I am so proud of myself for all of my planning and work and the fact that it didn’t stress me out at all. I loved every part of planning our day, the day itself and everyday since I became a wife.