1950 movie

Singin’ In The Rainagain

In order to solve the problem with Lina’s, let’s say, ‘extraordinary’ voice in “The Dueling Cavalier”, Cosmo presents his brilliant idea to Kathy and Don.

Kathy’s singing behind Cosmo’s back, he’s only moving his mouth: “Good Mornin’, good mornin’ … “

Cosmo: “Watch my mouth!”

“Good Mornin’, good mornin’ … it’s great to stay up late …”

“Good mornin’, good mornin’ … to you”

Cosmo: “Well, convincing?”

Don: “Enchanting … what?!”

Cosmo: “Don’t you get it? Use Kathy’s voice!”

Cosmo: “Lina just moves her mouth and Kathy’s voice comes over singin’ and talkin’ for her!”

Kathy: “That’s wonderful!”

Cosmo: “It’s simple to work the numbers … what you gotta do is dance around Lina, and teach her how to take a bow!”

Don: “Alright, we’ll go to R.F. and spread it out in the morning!”

Kathy: “Don, you’re a genius!”

Cosmo: I’m glad, you’ve thought of it!

The invention of ‘lip sync’ … 😆

This is definately one of my favorite scenes, and Cosmo will always be my hero 💋… Amen!


Marilyn Monroe 💞💟💕

https://m.youtube.com/user/SGTG77 Marilyn Monroe Video Archives