1950 birthdays

“If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, I mean if he can live on after he’s died, then maybe he was a great man. When they talk about success, they talk about reaching the top. Well, there is no top. You’ve got to go on and on, never stop at any point. To me, the only success, the only greatness for man is immortality. To have your work remembered in history, to leave something in this world that will last for centuries - that’s greatness.”

Happy Birthday, James Byron Dean (8th February 1931 - ∞)


Francis Albert Sinatra was much more than a singer or actor. Very rarely are singers praised for so long since many singers end up being swept under the rug by newer, more hip artists. Sinatra stands out from this crowd because he put every aspect of himself into his music and movies, but that’s not all he did. No. In comparison to the compassion and kindness that he spread throughout his life, his talent is almost minute. His charitable spirit towards children was a large part of that compassion, along with the love he had for his fans and his close friends especially. He brought style and class everywhere he went, even when tabloids and gossips columns tried to tear down his image. He was a fighter of segregation and racism, a man who refused to play in any outlet that treated anyone else different. He was hurt a lot too, the losses he suffered in love was enough to drive him close to the end, and with every loss of his close friends he carried that sorrow forever. I find my life parelleling with his sometimes, so I look up to him with great respect and compassion. So Happy 101st B-Day Frank, I know you’re having a swinging time.