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NAME: Talya  Marquardt-Lavellan
AGE: 26 at the beginning of inquisition
BACKGROUND: Tal was born to a Dalish mother and a human father who he is unaware of. His mother singlehandedly raised both him and his older sister until they were sent away to other clans during an Arlathven for their protection. Tal was 12 when he was sent to clan Lavellan, and there he was taken in by Bralen’s parents, who helped him get his bearings. He ends up in a relationship with both Bralen and Ashrel when he gets older.

Body type: Well built
Eyes: Light olive green
Hair: Dark brown
Skin: Tanned light skin
Height: 5′10″
Weight: 195 lbs

Strength: 10/10
Perception:  5/10
Endurance: 8/10  
Charisma: 4/10
Intelligence: 5/10
Agility: 7/10
Luck: 5/10
Magic: 0/10

Colours: Rust red, browns, blue, and light yellow
Smells:  Fresh rainfall, wood, sunflowers, lilies, and grass
Food: Hearty meals/soups with meat and bitter drinks
Fruit: Not too fond of fruits in general, but he’s more tolerant of bitter fruits
Drinks: Water
Alcoholic drinks: Beer, Ales

Smoke: N/A
Drugs: N/A
Driver’s license?: N/A

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For You, My Queen

Prompt: Hey! Would you be willing to do something where Luke finds pictures of the ‘Black queen’ era? And like kinda has a kink for the goth thing and then Penelope finds out and dresses up for ‘Halloween’ at work and kinda teases him all day and smut ensues

Warnings: Smut. Swearing. 

Pairing: Garvez

Words: 1,195

Since it’s after Halloween I didn’t center it around that! I’m sorry that it’s a bit late. Real life got in the way. 

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Nitekim Fıkh-ı Ekber Şerhi’nde zikredilen bir hadis-i şerifte buna işaretle şöyle buyurulmaktadır:

“Allah’ın, isyana devam eden kişiye istediği nimetleri verdiğini gördüğün zaman bu bir istidraçtır.”2

—  2. Fıkh-ı Ekber Aliyyü’l-Karî Şerhi Tercümesi, s. 195.

1993 Mazda Miata (NA)
ENGINE  B6ZE(RS); stock internals, pod filter, Jackson Racing 4-2-1 CARB legal header, 2.25in catback exhaust, HKS Hi-Power muffler, timing advanced to 14°, 91 octane
DRIVETRAIN  Welded 1.6 open differential 
FOOTWORK & CHASSIS  CX Racing 32-way adjustable coilovers 8kg front 6k rear springs, Godspeed sway bars, Improved Racing front sway bar endlinks (short version), Boss Frog frame rails, extended rear upper control arms, Powerstop 1-Click Brake Kit
WHEELS & TIRES XXR 522 15x8+0; 195/50r15 Yokohama S-Drive (Front)  American Eagle wheels 14x6+10;  195/60r14 Falken Azenis RT-615K (Rear)
EXTERIOR  Knockoff GV front & rear lip, turn signal intakes, clear front side markers, Autokonexion NASCAR style spoiler, hardtop, rear bumper cut
INTERIOR  Six point cage by MFR Enterprises, F1 Spec Type 3 seat, G-Force 5 point harness, Nardi 350mm steering wheel with 1/2in spacer, JGTC shift knob with extender, Cusco drift knob, Jass Performance hardtop brackets, Clearwater door speakers, custom door pulls

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Harry's at 195 with Kiwi in the UK. Clearly he's tapping into a hardcore fanbase who are out there buying their favorite single from their fave. But it's okay, when it flops like everything else it's because it's RealMusicMomOkay and we just can't understand how deep and profound and richly spun this genius artist Harry is. We're into FakeMusic and his fans are into art so deep they won't even pay for it.

Welp, give me my FakeMusic anytime over Kiwi thanks.


Nathan Chen takes gold in Rostelecom Cup 2017, 2nd Hanyu with the best Free Skate Program, 3rd Kolyada

Performing to “Mao’s Last Dancer”, Chen hit a quad Lutz-triple toe, quad flip, quad Salchow and quad toe-triple toe-double toe, but stepped out of a triple Axel and popped a toeloop.

The Four Continents champion scored a season’s-best 193.25 points to finish second in the Free Skating but his total score of 293.75 points was enough to hold off Yuzuru Hanyu.

Hanyu opened his program to “Seimei” with his first quadruple Lutz in competition and reeled off a quad Salchow, quad toe-triple toe as well as two triple Axels. However, he tripled his planned quad loop and popped a planned quad toeloop into a double. The two-time and reigning world champion earned a season’s-best 195.92 points and for an overall total of 290.77.

Mikhail Kolyada produced a quad-triple toe combination and four clean triples in his Elvis Presley routine and pulled up from fourth to take his first Grand Prix medal with 271.06 points. Misha Ge (UZB) produced a clean performance with two triple Axels and six triples to finish fourth (255.33 points). Moris Kvitelashvili (GEO) moved up from eighth to fifth on 250.26 points while Dmitri Aliev (RUS) slipped from third to sixth following some errors (239.61 points).

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“Do you ever think about how hard it is for a woman to become President?” Mac rambled idly, picking apart her milkshake. Textbooks lay open and forgotten on the table, cast to the side. “In the entire world, only 56 countries have had a female leader for a year or more, 33 for four years or more. Out of 195 countries. That’s ridiculous. The world didn’t even have a female prime minister until 1960, and even now only about 20 percent of the house of representatives in the U.S are female. How is that supposed to fairly represent us? I’ve been reading this dissertation on sexism in politics and they made an interesting point: power is viewed as hyper-masculine, and as such the more a leadership position is perceived by the public as powerful, the harder it is for women to secure it. So given the U.S’s status, I guess that puts half their population out of the running.” She dropped her straw, sighing. At this point if she got started she would never stop. “That’s not even considering the conditions for woman that don’t have the luxury of being in first world countries. But I mean whatever, it’s fine.”

BM'de şurda burda, arada bir, kırık dökük bir sesle yükselen itirazlara rağmen Afganistan'da olup bitenleri düşünün..
Ve hiç kimsenin itiraz etmeyi düşünmediği, hiç ses gelmeyen ama işkence görenlerin iniltilerini duymadan edemediğimiz Türkistanlıları düşünün.. Zalimler kan emerek servet ve güç yığıyor.. Ellerinde ise, iki tarafı keskin kılıçlar..

Cahit Zarifoğlu, Bir Değirmendir Bu Dünya, s.195