195 pounds

sayurichiyo submitted:

Before: Oct 2012 - 240+ pounds
After: Oct 2016 - 195.8 pounds
Height: 5'3"

I was smiling in my before picture, but I wasn’t happy at all. I left school, worked a job I hated, and was in a toxic relationship. 2 years later, I lost my parents a week and a half apart (Mother lost her battle to breast cancer. My father had a heart attack. He died on the day of my mother’s funeral). From that point, I was numb. August 2015, I attempted suicide. I knew I hit rock bottom. I wanted to live. I started going to therapy. I quit my miserable job. I started working out and eating cleaner. I left my toxic relationship. I’m back in school. I fell in love with myself. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I still have my down days, but I continue to fight. I choose peace. I choose happiness. I choose to live.


newchet submitted: 

 Purple shirt is 1/2016 to 5/2016 about 20 pounds difference.
Gray shirt was taken a year prior so 1/2015 to 1/2016 a 35 pound difference. I used to be ashamed my weightloss is taking so long, but my mottos now: “slow progress is better than no progress”. As of August 22 I am down 65 pounds, let me add I have a lot going on w/ my healthy physically and mentally, so don’t ever feel like you can’t do it. 

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & osterarthritis came along during my journey none have stopped me, but it just add spices things up! I am 5'2. My highest weight in the 1st gray pic was 260 I’m currently 195 w/ -35 pounds to lose for my 1st goal. I do not eat below my BMR, I lift on average 4 times a week and cardio 3-5 times a week depending on my level of pain and fatigue!

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Bit of a transformation Tuesday, no one has ever seen the photo on the left. I took that photo In November 2009 at Hoover Dam and this was when I was my biggest weight of 242 pounds, then the right was taken yesterday weighing in at around 195 pounds. 

I am so close to my savings goals so that I can head back over to America this year and revisit all the places and retake all the photos that I’ve never been able to share as well as take many many many more photos!

The Non-Intelligent Box Adventures…

August 1, 2014 -254-Day One Party!!
Aug 4-248
Aug 10-247
Aug 11-250 (at doctor)
Aug 17-242
Aug 25-238
8/28-245 (at doctor)
Sept 1-238-1 month-16 pounds
Sept 8-236
Sept 15-231
Sept 18-236
Sept 22-229
Sept. 29-231
Oct 1-228-2 months-26 pounds
Oct 6-228
Oct 13-220
Oct 20-222
Oct 23-222 (at doctor)
Oct 27-218
Oct 30-215
Nov 2-216-3 months-38 pounds
Nov 10-215
Nov 17-210
Nov 24-207
Dec 1-207-4 months-47 pounds
Dec 8-205
Dec 15-206
Dec 22-207
Dec 29-201
Jan 5-202-5 months-52 pounds
Jan 12-200
Jan 19-198
Jan 26-197 (tk)
Feb 1-195 -6 months - 59 pounds
Feb 9-185
Feb 16-188
Feb 23-184
March 1-184-7 months -70 pounds
March 9-183
March 16-182
March 23-179
March 30-179
April 1-175-8 months-79 pounds
April 5-176
April 13-175
April 20-174
April 27-173
May 1-174-9 months-80 pounds
May 4-170 (172- at doctor)
May 10-171