Karl-Gerät “Ziu” self-propelled siege mortar firing in Warsaw in late August 1944. The Karl-Gerät series was the largest caliber self-propelled weapon ever built and used in combat firing 60 cm (24 in) shells.

“For Bogart, his feelings for Bacall were the real thing. In one of many love letters, he wrote ‘I never believed that I could love anyone again…you are my last love and all the rest of my life I shall love you and watch you and be ready to help you.’ ”
- Bogie and Bacall, To Have and Have Not. c.1944


June 6th 1944: D-Day

On this day in 1944, the D-Day landings began on the beaches of Normandy as part of the Allied ‘Operation Overlord’. The largest amphibious military operation in history, the operation involved thousands of Allied troops landing in France. For those landing on the beaches of Normandy, they faced heavy fire, mines and other obstacles on the beach, but managed to push inland. In charge of the operation was future U.S. President, General Dwight Eisenhower, and leading the ground forces was British General Bernard Montgomery. The landings proved a decisive Allied victory, as they secured a foothold in France, which had been defeated by Nazi Germany in 1940. D-Day was a key moment in the Second World War, and helped turn the tide of the war in favour of the Allies. Today we remember not just the strategic victory that was D-Day, but also the ultimate sacrifice paid by thousands of soldiers on both sides of the fighting.

“You are about to embark upon the great crusade, toward which we have striven these many months.”
- Eisenhower’s message to the Allied Expeditionary Force


Type 89 Kai 2 Particle Beam

Manufactured by Rokuoh-Sha’s occult investigation hardware branch between 1933 and 1944 to match the advances of the Thule-Gesellschaft in paranormal defense prior to World War 2.
35mm 120MeV hydrogen ions beam.

People don’t often think about the underworld front of WW2.


As Polish paratroopers landed on their drop zone south-west of Arnhem, Netherlands on 21 September 1944, soldiers from the 10. SS Panzer Division Frundsberg were waiting and made sure they did not receive a warm welcome. The Polish paratroopers were shot out of the sky like birds suffering heavy casualties.