Lovin’ Mr. Barnes

Summary: Living in the 40s isn’t all bad, especially when you have your blue-eyed boys with you.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2020
Warnings: Light sexual content.
A/N: Okay so I had this dream about Pre-War Bucky and I had to write it out, so here it is! It’s just an innocent lil’ fluff piece and I hope you guys like it! ❤️ Feedback is always appreciated!

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Kissing him was the best feeling in the world. His lips were soft and plump against yours, molding together perfectly and moving in unison as the kiss deepened. His calloused hands roaming up and down your body, leaving trails of goosebumps behind. Reaching under the hem of your nightie, his thumbs massaged the inner muscles of your thighs and you moaned against his lips.

You grabbed onto the soft cotton of his sleeveless undershirt and rolled your hips against him. His hardened length rubbed against your core, giving you the friction you needed.

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John Booth, Magician and Mentalist, 1949

Would you dare to stick your hand in Magician John Booth’s meat chopper?

Here he performs a dismemberment trick with the hand of one brave Mrs. Eldridge of St. Paul on stage at the Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota.

Photograph is from the Minneapolis Newspaper Photograph Collection at the Hennepin County Library Special Collections.