NEW CLOTHES FOR RELEASED ALLIED PRISONERS: Clothes, food and other supplies dropped by air are being gathered here by Allied prisoners of war at the Omori prisoner of war camp near Tokyo. The prisoners representing all nationalities had been interned for periods ranging from a few months to more than three years. 08/30/1945

Series: Photographs of American Military Activities, ca. 1918 - ca. 1981.  Record Group 111: Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1860 - 1985


I realise that the memories I cherish most are not the first night successes, but of simple, everyday things: walking through our garden in the country after rain; sitting outside a cafe in Provence, drinking the vin de pays; staying at a little hotel in an English market town with Larry, in the early days after our marriage, when he was serving in the Fleet Air Arm, and I was touring Scotland, so that we had to make long treks to spend weekends together. Vivien Leigh

French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (second row, second to right) with Haitian writers, Haiti, 1949. Image Courtesy: CIDIHCA Collection.

This photo also includes Haitian writers Léon Laleau (first row, second to the left) and Réné Piquion (second row, last to the right, immediately next to Sartre). Sartre visits was generally well-received by Haitian intellectuals.

1947 Illustrated Fashion Lingerie Ad, Blue Swan MIlls’ Suspants Under Panty for Stockings by Classic Film
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