The idea of Nico and Hazel wearing 1940’s clothes…well, it was bugging me for the past week so I did some fashion research, sketched them out, outlined and water colored them. I wanted them to have this old feeling, that’s why Nico’s all black and white while Hazel is sepia.

This was supposed to be a post for Halloween but haha, i finished it a tad too late XD  (I sort of used a piece of scratch watercolor paper so…forgive the missing part of Hazel’s skirt) 

[Agent Carter] continued the color story from Captain America: The First Avenger. You’ll see Peggy in a lot of red, white and blue, as a silent tribute to her lost love, Captain America. Her trademark look is the red custom ladies Stetson Stratoliner hat, a burst of color in a sea of grey fedoras. Working in man’s world she needed to stand out, and she did that using color in her wardrobe.
—  Giovanna Ottobre-Melton, Costume Designer for Agent Carter (x)